1. Choose the Windows 10 utility that allows a user to create a backup schedule that can include any folder on the hard drive and system image. (Choose all that apply) – Backup and Restore – File History
  2. A user wants to make sure he can quickly restore his computer after a drive failure, to the state it was in when Windows and all its apps were initially installed. Which backup type will be most useful in this scenario? – System Image backup
  3. How often does Windows automatically defragment a hard drive or trim a solid-state drive? – Once a week
  4. Understanding a device’s power needs and other elements of working with power needs for an organization is an important role for any technician or administrator. Saving files and reducing power use are types of settings for a system that can help any organization use less electricity. Which of the following is also referred to as standby mode? Sleep mode
  5. Knowing how to recover and backup data quickly makes an organization robust and flexible. Choose the type of backup for files that has been changed or created since the last full backup. – Differential backup
  6. To ensure drive health, what command should you use to search for a repair file system error? – chkdsk
  7. A technician requires a file system on an internal 1.5 TB Windows 10 boot drive that supports file encryption, disk quotas, and security features such as file and folder permissions. Which of the following will support these requirements?  – NTFS
  8. Working with data backups is an extremely important component of all IT-based technologies. Without solid backup and recovery plans, a lot of important work and data can be lost. What is the most advantageous option for storing and recovering data? – Cloud based backups
  9. Choose the type(s) of physical drives Windows disables defragmenting, but provides another method of optimization. – Solid State Drives
  10. Automation can be of key importance for any organization and administrator. Knowing how to set up automated processes can allow for more focus to specialized and important activities which take more of a manual engagement level. Choose the best option for an automated process used to backup files. – System Protection
  11. What is a snapshot of the system settings and configuration called? – Restore point
  12. Which option is used, when passed to the shutdown command, to restart the local computer? /r
  13. What command creates a subdirectory under a directory? md
  14. Which of the following needs to be completed prior to creating a spanned, striped, or mirrored volume on an unallocated space in Windows? – Convert basic disks to dynamic disks
  15. Which Windows command will delete the files and directories at the destination that no longer exist at the source location? – robocopy /purge

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