1. A technician is troubleshooting a Windows BSOD error. The technician wants to check the memory installed in the system. Which tool would be used to launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool? – mdsched.exe
  2. There are any number of times in a system’s functioning, that various issues can arise which will cause the device to be sluggish or non-responsive to user commands. Identifying an application or other process which is causing this issue is important. Choose the following option that allows you to review, real time, how the CPU, hard drive, network and memory are being used. – Resource monitor
  3. Which Windows utility is used to determine what processes are launched at startup? – System configuration
  4. A technician is troubleshooting a Windows system in which an application works properly when the computer is booted in Safe Mode but does not function when Windows is loaded normally.
    What is most likely to be the cause of this issue? – The operating system or driver is causing the issue
  5. Getting comfortable with tools that can help to administer and maintain devices on a network is an important knowledge base for any administrator to have. Windows has a number of areas where tools are located to help with resolving issues on a system.Choose the following option allowing you to verify and replace Windows system files.- System file checker
  6. In a number of situations, manual edits to a system can be an important part of the resolution of issues. If successful, many of these manual edits can be automated and rolled out to an entire network. There can be a number of times where editing various keys and other settings can help to resolve application issues. Choose the following option that allows you to adjust various keys in your Windows system. – Registry Editor
  7. Which Windows utility is particularly useful in identifying software and hardware bottlenecks and provides real time monitoring capabilities? – Performance monitor
  8. Getting comfortable with and being able to put together various sets of tools is an important element for any administrative personnel. The quicker that regularly used tools can be deployed to resolve issues is important. Which of the following allows you to build a console which contains tools that you might use often? – Microsoft Management Console
  9. A technician mistakenly uninstalled an application that is crucial for the productivity of the user.
    Which of the following utilities will allow the technician to correct this issue? – System Restore
  10. Which steps should be taken to resolve limited or no network connectivity issues on a Windows computer (Select two)? – Verify that the SOHO router is powered on and the port LEDs indicate connectivity – Verify the network cable between the computer and router is connected and not damaged
  11. A user contacted you to report that an unwanted Windows application is launching each time their computer is booted. Which option would permanently resolve this issue? – Uninstall the application
  12. Resolving issues is a common task for any administrator. Knowing where to look when starting the diagnosis process is an important skill. Tools that can help to identify applications that are not functioning properly or are not supposed to be running can help to shorten the resolution process.
    Choose the following option that provides access to logs about hardware or network failure. – Event viewer
  13. A Windows computer is experiencing a problem accessing the Internet. The network patch cable and network interface card have been tested and verified to be working properly.
    Which step should be considered to resolve the issue? – Update network settings
  14. A technician is troubleshooting a Windows computer and needs to stop the explorer.exe process. Multiple attempts to open Task Manager have failed. The technician can successfully open a command prompt. Which of the following steps should the technician take next? – Use the tasklist utility to locate the PID for the explorer.exe process.
  15. A technician is attempting to use System Restore to restore a Windows 10 system to a point in the recent past; however, the option to choose a restore point is not available.
    What is most likely the reason for this issue? – System Restore is turned off
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