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Comparison between ADX-Florence Supermax Facility, USA and Britain Wakefield Prison
They are primarily known for hosting male criminals deemed too dangerous, too high-profile, or posing an unacceptable security risk for placement in a maximum-security prison. This includes convicted serial killers and child rapists, among other inmates. All offenders who pose a significant threat to national and international security are placed in long-term, segregated confinement at these facilities (BBC, 2012). Both prisons have inmates subjected to solitary confinement to protect themselves from others and discipline purposes. The difference between the two correctional centers is the conditions of the buildings in the facilities. ADX Florence’s architectural design is more like hell-designated prison (Kann, 2018). At the same time, the UK Wakefield is more developed in architectural design and modernized despite both being known for holding the deadliest inmates. Convicts, lawyers, and others with firsthand knowledge of ADX Florence describe it as a hellish place where even the inmates’ quarters and the prison’s architecture conspire to make them meek and insane (BBC, 2012). In the minds of many, it’s a more sanitary version of hell.
In America, imprisonment is preferred chiefly over other sanctions. Prisons could be satisfying to both parties, the accuser and the accused. For the accuser, it may act as a security measure as their main threat is behind bars, and the accuser also has a chance to transform as prisons act as correctional centers (BBC, 2012). Correctional facilities, while important, are only effective at preventing criminal networks from agglomerating if they can address the root reasons for crime, devote sufficient resources to counseling inmates, and ensure that convicts are prepared for life outside of prison. Opportunities for rehabilitation, such as drug and alcohol treatment, education, or counseling, may be available in prisons. An incarcerated person can’t commit a crime outside of prison, which criminologists call “incapacity” (Leanne, 2022). Imprisonment in the US has risen at an alarming rate currently. Inadequate reentry assistance and employment discrimination against persons who have been incarcerated are only a few of the many causes, which range from a lack of investment in schools and economic opportunities to harsh drug laws and bail rules that punish poverty.

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