Writing Assignment Description

For this writing assignment, you are required to analyze a given dataset, apply statistical

concepts you learned in this class, and present your results in an effective and professional


• It is due on May 22, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. There will be absolutely no extensions to this

deadline, and late assignments will not be accepted.

• You will submit two files for this assignment:

1. An Excel file that contains your calculation.

2. A Word file that contains your results, and interpretations.

In your Word file:

• Put your full name, course name, semester, and “Writing Assignment: the name of your

data file” at the top of the first page.

• Use font: Times New Roman, size: 12 pts, and spacing: 1.5.

• When answering each question, number each one followed by your excel results, and

interpretation. Position your tables, graphs, and charts in an organized way. Graphs

should have proper titles, axis labels, legends (if applicable) and should be easy to read.

• This file must NOT exceed 3 pages.

• Name your word file as “Lastname Firstname Result 221”.

In your Excel file:

• Show all your calculations. You can use different worksheets in the same Excel file.

• Name your file as “Lastname Firstname Calculation 221”.

Using the dataset, answer the following questions:

1. Find the mean, median, sample variance and sample standard deviation for the variables

5-year comp and age.

2. Create a histogram using Excel’s Data Analysis toolpack for 5-year comp. Use the

Sturges’ rule to find how many bins you should include. In your Word file, make sure to

include both a frequency table for the histogram with bin limits, frequencies and relative

frequencies, and your histogram chart. What can you say about the distribution of 5-

year comp?

3. Do a scatterplot with X = Age and Y = 5-year comp. Interpret the plot.

4. Find the covariance and correlation coefficient between age and 5-year comp. Explain

what these statistics mean for your dataset.

5. Conduct a hypothesis test at 5% significance level that the population mean of 5-year

comp is $45,000:

(a) Assume that the dataset given is a sample and population standard deviation is


6. Calculate the confidence interval for population mean of 5-year comp for 90%, 95%,

and 99% confidence levels:

(a) Assume that the dataset given is a sample and population standard deviation is


7. Can you reject the hypothesis that population mean of 5-year comp is $45,000 in both

questions 5a and 6a?

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