Individual Reflective Essay


Gibbs model is used in the reflection essay to explain the six stages that one may follow when reflecting what they have learnt and understood. The stages include, description, then the feelings, analysis and evaluation. Then afterwards is the conclusion and the action plan . The essay uses Gibbs’s Cycle of reflection to discuss the current factors influencing an international organization’s employee performance. These recent issues affect employee performance within Tata Motors and Mercedes Benz Companies. These issues might cause communication problems and interpersonal conflicts due to clashing roles during change management, while external and internal factors influence organizational performance.

• Feeling
The contemporary issues influence employee performance within an organization, from my perspective, employee performance is affected depending on the organization’s approach towards influencing their adoption of the changes within its structure. Also, he employee’s performance is highly influenced by the resources provided by an organization and the management put in place. While An organization’s management must take new employees through orientation to enable their swift adaptation to organizational processes, the present employees within the organization also need to be taken through respective systematic procedures to ensure they effectively fit within the changes in the culture (Sypniewska, 2014). These approaches will help improve employee performance through employee skill and knowledge improvement. Taking employees through change management processes will help international organizations remain competitive within their market environments because it will help employees adapt to changes and become productive. However, the organization must ensure employees have the skills that make them flexible while performing their duties.

• Evaluation
From the experiences, there were both good and bad outcomes. Therefore, International organizations are influenced by the respective structure used to direct their activities. In this case, Mercedes and Tata Motors operate with a matrix organizational structure to manage their resources. The Human resource employees report to more than one manager while updating corporate transactions. For instance, A project manager working for Tata Motor’s foreign branch in the United Kingdom will have to give the financial report to the financial manager at their head office in India (Ashman, 2018). The Human Resource and Manufacturing managers will also receive a notification from this project manager in the United Kingdom. The company’s C.E.O. then gets all the reports about projects in all regions from the manufacturing, finance, and human resource officers at the headquarters. Employees will therefore report to their principal manager while working under one or more project managers. Human Resource framework of Tata and Mercedes Benz influencing management relationship and reporting structure. A matrix structure affects an organization’s coordination of activities while employees report to more than two managers for coordinated actions. Cross-functional group activities while performing duties characterizes employee behavior within its structure. Reporting relationships in the human resource consolidates organizational strategy to keep the functions intact. Employee behavioral analysis improves a company’s competitive advantage since the flexible communication system quickly adopts change.

• Description
The description structure affects organizational performance such that effective performance from organizations results from productive communication. Improper description structure leads to frustrations due to misunderstandings of instructions—employee performance. An international organization like Tata Motors or Mercedes Benz implements an effective communication structure by adopting flexible approaches to enhance effective communication (Garg, 2019). Miscommunication affects employees who respond with absenteeism resulting in low production rates. Effective communication of everyone’s purpose is necessary for a uniform activity that drives its goals and objectives. An influential organizational culture communicates its purpose directly to employees who realize their responsibilities and timely ensure the completion of their roles and obligations continuously within a competitive market.
While the employee is protected by human rights to influence their commitment to organizational performance, they must perform the following legal requirements that tie them to the organization’s structures and performance terms (Kowalski, 2017). Employees’ performance is influenced, especially with performance contracts, where employees are retained depending on their competitiveness while achieving organizational goals and objectives. Strategically using these tools will mean an organization’s vision of becoming a cost leader and outdoing the competition by improving its brand performance with the best strategies is accomplished.

• Conclusion
From the observation work environment with its experience, coworkers, leadership, and management style interact with other external variables to influence employee performance within an international organization. International organizations like Tata Motors and Mercedes Benz can prevent the adverse effects of contemporary issues within the external environment or other evolving organizational structures when they use the right tools. While different factors influence employee performance and participation, organizations must ensure that the various dimensions of contemporary issues do not negatively affect each employee’s performance. Organizational intervention is mainly because employees’ attitudes towards work influence their duties and obligations. Training and development of their employees on specific areas that need adjustments within an organization’s operational framework help the organization be competitive and flexible. An international organization can strategically reengineer its culture to accommodate changes by adopting productive approaches and technological developments that positively influence its performance.

• Action Plan
A practical action plan for an organization would ensure that strategic tools are appropriately used to contain employee performance challenges. Benchmarking, training and development, and performance appraisal, are among the essential tools international organizations employ to enhance their employees’ adaptation to the global market (Mišanková, 2014). The organization’s management must ensure it considers the development of cross-cultural and interpersonal skills to improve their performance and prevent adverse consequences of contemporary issues. Benchmarking, training and development can be effectively used to develop employees’ attributes.

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