Week 3 Journal Assignment 
As with all assignments and projects throughout this course, please submit this as an attachment to the specified Dropbox basket. This should eliminate any errors during grade submission.
Find an article that relates to topics discussed in the material covered in at least 3 of the chapters, read this week, from either book (A total of 3 Journal Articles).
 Go to the Internet and find an article that discusses the same topic. Then write in an APA Journal Assignment format a minimum of 350-450 words per article, explaining the article and then give your opinion to the pros or cons of the article.
DO NOT USE ANY ARTICLES THAT ARE OLDER THAN 2011. There is much out there about these topics and so I expect recent articles. 
Finally, just because you are only using one article to write about, that does not mean you do not need to cite your sources in the body of the essay. Please cite if you quote or paraphrase information. 
NOTE: DO NOT simply cut-and-paste from a website. Yes, you should be reviewing web sites and other sources to find the information for this project but do not simply cut-and-paste someone else’s words. You will NOT get credit for doing this. Your paper must be your own words, thoughts, and analysis.
  Emergency management and Tactical Response Operations:   Chapter 9: Case Study: Private and Public Perspectives from Katrina   Chapter 10: The “Manager” in Emergency Management   Hazardous Materials, Awareness and Operations:
Chapter 9: Technical Conatamination 
 Chapter 10: Mass Decontamination.
Chapter 11: Evidence Preservation and Sampling.
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