Visual Art Analysis
The artwork exhibits a grasp of linear perspective and a naturalistic representation of painting done on a pot. The imageries display horse riders, colored in a high intensity yellow coloring, ride along with particular ease conveyed not only by their postures but also by their gestural conversation between them. Other art representations include a column-like representation that is arranged in a horizontal alignment and is placed above the horse riders. There is also an exhibition of brown colored animals in a yellow background, to symbolize some of the animals tamed during the Greek art period. The artist utilizes a dominating yellow color on the objects with a contrast of brown coloring in the background to allow viewers to focus their attention on the artwork representations. The classical yellow coloring is used in high intensity to generate a warm atmosphere that symbolizes a delightful imagery that is also experienced by the viewers. The contrasting brown coloring is mainly utilized to classify the unique shape of the pottery. The combined use of brown with high intensity yellow coloring on the images generates a creative balance of stability on the pottery’s artworks and its distinct shape.


Fig 1: Greek Pottery

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