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Where and How to Use my Industrial Engineering Degree in my Community
An industrial engineering degree is a degree that gives one the ability to become an industrial engineer. The industrial engineering profession entails the designing and operations of industrial processes. An industrial engineer is an engineer concerned with the process of optimizing complex processes, organizations or systems through the development, improvement, and implementing of integrated systems. The integrated systems in industrial engineering include people, money, energy, equipment, materials, knowledge and information. Through studying industrial engineering, I will become an asset in my community as I will help in taking care of various issues in society as the industrial engineering process does not just solely base on a single kind of profession or process.
As an industrial engineer, I will be resourceful to my community in various sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, hardware, healthcare, and technology. My duty as an industrial engineer will base on the production process; all the stated sectors, therefore, require my commitment to ensure that there is elimination of wastefulness during the process. My duty as an industrial engineer will be the integration of all the needed in the different sectors for the provision of services or creation of a product. For instance, in the retail and healthcare sectors, there is the integration of workers, information, and resources in terms of money, to ensure that efficient services are provided for the clients. In the manufacturing, hardware, and technology sectors, my function as an industrial engineer will be to ensure that the workers, machines, and energy are seamlessly integrated to provide useful products as required by the clients.
As much as industrial engineering degree is considered more of a technical degree, there is a high integration of the degree in the business sector. Therefore, in my community, I can be able to serve in the business sector with my industrial engineering degree through the provision of service in marketing, finance, supply chain management, logistics, and analytics. Industrial engineering focuses on the improving of the production processes. As much as industrial engineering utilizes engineering principles, technology, and mass production to improve the methods and procedures of production, the overall goal relates to business, more so, the sector of finance and profits, which are the focus of business management. As an industrial engineer, I can work in any industry focusing on the business sector, to enhance production.
Big data is revolutionary in the companies who are willing to make better business decisions. Industrial engineering gives a basis for data analysis, which is essential in big data. Such might help to determine trends, patterns, and associations relating to human behaviors and their interactions. As an industrial engineer, I will be resourceful in my community by offering help in data analysis, more so of the big data, for the companies, and business entities in my community. Through the support in analysis of the big data, the entities will have an opportunity of improving their processes by enhancing their focus on their customers.
My degree in industrial engineering will always focus on enhancing the processes in the different entities in the community. Such entities include companies, businesses, as well as various organizations. My degree in industrial engineering will help e in offering services that enhance the production processes and methods, thus influencing the business sector at large, as such eventually increase the ability of the affected entities in making of profits. Therefore, my industrial engineering degree will be a big help to the community at large by positively impacting on the entities directly affecting the community.

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