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United Nation Organization

United nation (UN), is an international organization that was founded in October 1945. United Nation was amongst the multipurpose organization formed in the 20th century that was to have members from all over the globe. The organization headquarters are located in New York City. Other regional offices are spread in few countries such as Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi Kenya. The official organization language is English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and lastly Arabic. The organization is charged with the mandate of maintaining global peace and security among counties all over the world (Doyle, & Sambanis, 2006). Through the use of a friendly establishment among the member countries, attaining global cooperation and striking harmonization among the action of the nations. The main reason for the establishment of this organization after the Second World War was to prevent future conflict because the second world wars very destructive. Furthermore, the organization was formed to succeed the league of nation, which was not effective in its operations. United Nation organization primary source of capital is from the contribution of the member state and other voluntary participation such as donation from other Non-Governmental organization, private organization, and even individuals with a good heart.

The United Nation main objectives are promoting global peace and security, human right protection, sustainable promotion, and providing humanitarian aid such as the promotion of food and shelter for the refugees (Chesterman, 2005). The organization is also mandated with keeping and safeguarding of the international law, such as disputes among countries on their border. The organization is ranked among the most significant international organization, most known to people, most represented and the most influential organization globally. The organization has 193 members who have raised from the founding members who were only 51 countries from all over the world. So far the organization is made up the General assembly, the Security Council, the Economic council together with the social security council, the Trusteeship Council, the International court of justice council, and the one is the Secretariat council. The United Nation comprises of the following partners, the World Bank, the World health organization, the World food organization, UNESCO and lastly UNICEF. The organization most superior organ is the secretary-general, which is an office that is governed by the Portuguese politician and some powerful ambassadorial. Antionio Guterres is the president, form the year 2017.Unite Nation has won many Nobel peace prizes due to the outstanding performance in the world. I would describe this organization as a successful organization in the world because of the outstanding performance globally. For, instance, the organization has been very successful in promoting peace and harmony among the member nations, food and health promotion, such as the distribution of the vaccine to the members.

The United Nation leadership model based on the United Nation Charter, the customs and the standard of the united organization as bounded in the treaties and the affirmation of the United Nation and in the collaboration of core obligation to uphold peace and security, and more so to protect human rights, providing and addressing of humanitarian needs and the advancement of both economic social development and progress. United nation has two major administrative departments. The main lead by a president who presides over the season of the General assembly called Maria Fernanda Grarces from Ecuador for the 73rd season since September 2018( Ziring, Riggs, & Plano, 2005). United Nation Secretary-General, which is also known as the united nation secretaries is head by the Antonio Gutteres from January 2017. Other Secretary-General that has been the office include Goldwyn Jebb, Trgve Lie, Dag Hammerskjold , U Thant and others

An organization is determined to be ethical basing on several factors, such factors include, respect, honor, integrity, customer focus, results-oriented, risk-taking, passion, and persistence. An organization needs to respect itself and also surround itself with people or other organization that is recognized and respects themselves too. An organization that hires people and respect them is considered as an ethical organization. The organization is honored based on their outstanding performance, the organization which has an ethic, also owners its top performers or achievers. Integrity is another measure of ethics in an organization, an organization which focuses on maintaining their integrity, such as providing truthful information on their products and services to the customers is considered to be an ethical organization. Customer’s acts as the good ambassadors after being served or provide with the right services and products.

Organizations which focuses on customer satisfaction instead of profit are considered to be ethical. Most of these organization are usually NGOs. Result oriented, organization focus on results rather than just making big profit margins or even growing up is also ethical. Such an organization focuses on the outcome of an activity, for example, environmental sustainability. Risk-taking, organizations such as the United Nation are the best example of risk-takers, for instance. United Nation takes its staffs to a place where peace does not exist to bring peace (Weiss, 2018). Great organizations are made up of people who have passion on their jobs, and for others, this is a sign of being ethical, organization which have employees that are passionate on what they are doing are termed to be moral, because if an employee is passionate on what he is doing, the result of the work is always perfect. Most organization honors those employees who are passionate about their organization and their job. And last, persistence, people in good organization that have proper ethics they always have the will to persist regardless of the state of the organization, such as even if the organization is experiencing some financial challenges.

Basin on my research, I found out that united nation is an ethical organization, because of honors, United nations have received several Nobel Prize honors, in peacekeeping, humanitarian right promotion and the world most represented organization. United Nation has a lot of members .this is a sign that the organizations are ethical on its operation. The organization has also been persistence in its services, such as the promotion of peace, ending of hunger, and compacting climate change over the years. This is a good sign that shows that origination is ethical. Employment the organization has been very transparent in the hiring process. United Nations does not discriminate any people in terms of gender and race. The organization provides an equal employment opportunity to people all over the world. Also, the United Nation has been a result-oriented company rather than profit Making. The organization focuses on providing good quality humanitarian support, justice, and wellbeing through its international law court.

Furthermore, the organization focuses on compacting crime against humanity (UNICEF, R. 2013).Customer focus is another element, and this has been a motto of the United Nation on a global platform. The organization focus on promoting peace and harmony among members states in the world. The organization has been active in solving of disputes among nation worldwide without discriminations. Therefore, this has made the organization to be granted the Nobel price peace unit prize.

Basing on my research, I have found out that, some failures and weakness of the United Nation, failure to combat child sex abuse scandals in1990s in some countries such as Mozambique, Kosovo, Cambodia, and Haiti. Also, failure to stop terrorism in the world. I will suggest funds to be a channel on the fight against terrorism in the world since it has become a global problem over recent years. Terrorism is a human abuse right since people get killed and others seriously injured in the case of a terror attack. Apart from that, I would recommend that the administrative management to focus on raising funds to combat climate change, because with the increase in climate change even farming will not be possible and therefore, the organization will not also be able to fight hunger among the people, especially in the developing nation. With taking care of the climate, through the planting of trees and reducing carbon emission in the world. The organization will be able to achieve its objective of fighting famine, poverty, and hunger.

Additionally, the organization should also encourage member countries to plant trees so that they can help to reduce carbon level. I would also recommend an improvement on the organization functions such as the organization to introduce public education through member's countries on the importance of peace, effects of terrorism and method s of fighting climate change in the world. The organization should also involve youths championing and promoting peaceful co-existence among nations. The international court of justice has also not been very useful in prosecuting world leaders who commit war crime. There have been some instance, where the court failed to prosecute leaders because they were president in their nations. And this has encouraged some leaders to continue committing a war crime in their countries, knowing very well the court will not prosecute them because they are in power. Delays in the prosecution of the suspect have also been a significant issue with the international court of justice, this delaying of the trial of the suspect is a good example of truth denied or delayed to the victims. Hence there is need to either change the judges or the prosecutors


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