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Since the invention of digital and inbound, marketers are now able to craft their message towards their prospects efficiently. Though it is claimed that there are all-around customer viewers, some gaps have been left in this persona. These gaps cause limits for effectively reaching the messages to the intended destinies. Due to these gaps, ‘unified profile’ has been developed. The unified profiles are aimed at transforming market via social media at an effective angle of 3600 for the first time which will enable the customers to reduce their pain and expose them in getting their tastes and preferences with minimized barriers.
In every change, the advantages are very key. If the change has more risks and disadvantages as compared to the advantages, it is worth dropping it before it is too late. In this report, I will discuss the unified user profile in details, the advantages and dangers that are expected by the users.
*Unified User Profile*
Unified social profile is centralized in giving the user a single, integrated view of his data. Data that are typically dispersed in different channels, devices, and apps are focused to give a painted picture of all the interactions with a clear brand. Unified user profiles are greatly important in making of products and marketing to the user though can be challenging to make (Beaty, 2018).
In the unified user profiles, the users need to be treated as an individual. As the user interacts with different channels, devices, and app, the brand is supposed to personalize this experience. If the user, for example, subscribes to a channel on YouTube, he is not supposed to be requested to make subscriptions for another time with another device. If the user creates an account using the app on the desktop, he will not create another using the mobile phone. The customers will be happy to use a cross-device experience (Gkotse et al., 2017). The user profile operates from the moment of creation when the user opens the app and updates continuously as he interacts with the brand across the apps in the channel and functions and out of the app channels like messages and email respectively (Thalapathy & Burke, 2015).
When the user creates an account their profile updates followed by demographic information together with any other information needed. The user profile tracks data every session the user has logged in the account, and the features and products viewed and used. The unified user profile tracks all the engagement patterns with the marketing campaigns (Beaty, 2018). All the user profile data will be collected for either purchase or conversations made. These user profiles can be used in tracking the connections in social media and the products and other features favorite to the user.
*Advantages of Unified User Profile*
Unified user profile brings the fragmented data together. In the current world, everything is digitalized and therefore the users come into contact with different institutions in different apps, devices, and channels. You realize that any user depending on the accessibility may subscribe a channel using the desktop, latter with the app using his tablet and maybe finally with the mobile phone web (Thalapathy & Burke, 2015). The consumer needs to be treated as the same person when he login a channel using all these modes. Not unless the user login in the account every time they want to, their data will always be left out as fragments. This makes the brand to assume that these are a different user which makes the user receive many messages of welcoming them. They end up feeling like the brand is not in touch with them and may finally stop using the brand (Thalapathy & Burke, 2015).
Another advantage is that the unified user profiles are relatively cheap in the communication of the users’ information. The user profile is by itself interesting. It describes clearly the users and the items in the market. It gives a description of the activities of the users, their opinions on a variety of the daily matters experienced by the users. Easy communication is very important because the user may choose to stop using it if he is not able to use it (Gkotse et al., 2017)
Unified user profile focuses on diverse data in one direction or person. This has been in the previous life regarded to be of primary importance. It makes the user possible to focus on a single target and not fragmented attention on many targets just like in the segmentation (Beaty, 2018).
Unified user profile gives the user the freedom to move from one device to another while maintaining the feel and look. The user is always happy if he/she is able to different things in the same way without altering the feeling and taste. This is achieved on a lower level by carrying over most useful settings or providing the user with an identical experience on any device that he/she chooses (Thalapathy & Burke, 2015).
By use of the user profile management software, the unified user profile is secured from profile corruption. The traditional systems roaming were highly prone to bloat issues and corruption. The modern user profile management software can now avoid such issues and also make it easy to reset specific parts of the user’s setting configuration and not removing the whole profile when there are issues arising in the profile (Gkotse et al., 2017).
Unified user profile gathers correct data to properly segment the market the users are targeting and this makes them get ways of distributing communications that are well coordinated by the customers’ goals and needs.
*Dangers of Using Unified User Profiles*
When one goes online, a lot of information is widely gathered. At the same pace, it is very possible that you disclose more of your data to other users. Internet cooperation creates a profile that is best based on your habit of surfing (Thalapathy & Burke, 2015). This discloses your profile in that anybody who wants to get your information can get easily. This leads to the shops adjusting their prices basing on your power of purchasing that they the estimations. Also, the companies that deals with health insurances get to draw their conclusions basing your health on your behaviors when you are online.
When one is subjected to the lawmakers and the privacy advocates, they ask for the online profiling which provides information of the user on political and religious views, medical conditions and the sexual views. This information can be sold and can be shared with other networks in the world. The online companies are working to be extemporary more than they actually are and be indispensable fundamental to the lives of the users. They are targeting anything that can be done on the internet to be done in their individual platforms. This puts the user at the risk of exposing themselves to the world (Beaty, 2018).
With the online data companies having all the information concerning the user, at any time they can choose to launch the ‘social credit system’. This system credits the citizens that are able to change based on their behavior in the connection. With this system, freedom of speech can be restricted and also personal expression be hindered as far as the social life is concerned. Not unless the users choose to protect their privacy, these multinational corporations will be a threat to the internet regular users. But this is only done by those who are aware of this risk.
Another danger of the unified user profile is that it forces several different groups of items to merged together and become one. A good example is the soft drink users where a large group of different users may exist but with different styles of life. If these groups are merged together, one group of heavy users may disappear (Gkotse et al., 2017).
Unified user profiles have played a good role in making the world a village where one can access what they want wherever they are. But as this about to be achieved, the users are enjoying the advantages like having their data all in one place, they can log in once but with different media like the tablet and a desktop with receiving the welcoming messages every time. Despite the advantages, there are dangers that may face them like being exposed to the internet. Though there are ways of securing their privacy. Generally, unified user profiles are important and good have it having known the risks and the importance.

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