This report puts forward the new proposed model for the NEAX shipping service. It considers the earlier structure of the service and presents it against the new model to showcase the beneficial edge of the remodeling activity. This report considers a sample data from 6 voyages carried out about the exporting activities from New Zealand. This data put into consideration about 3 docking ports of New Zealand to obtain the data used for the analysis done. The overall aim of the report is to determine the profitability of the new model so as to gives a heads-up to the investors, the project developers and the general group of the stake holders. The heads up is vital since the amount and extent of investment in the projects very high. Therefore, a dive in the project without the relevant information and analysis may lead to draining losses impactful to the government level.
The evaluation made in the analysis documented in this report considers a 3-step gauge of different options in order to filter these options and collect the best fit. These steps include;
1.0 The technical aspect feasibility of the project
2.0 The feasibility within the estimated cost.
3.0 The project profitability analysis.
These steps highlight the potential of the option considered in the fields of financial stability and the ability of the model option to turn out profitable. Following these steps the report demonstrates the architecture of the model considered and supports its need to be adopted through surfacing the advantage it carries with regard to the older model which is also currently in operation. The development and prove of project potential attracts and encourages investors to get involved. The report draws conclusion on the analysis made and uses the data presented and the analytical processes to offer recommendations on the particular subjects that are pivotal to the whole project.
2.0 Technical Feasibility Analysis
The technical feasibility of the NEAX remodeling uses flashback but progressive method. It considers state of the model in place considering its structure and functionality. This model is then forecast on the suggest option of remodeling. Doing this provides the sides to which the remodel is considered to provide positive evolution to the NEAX shipping service.

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