The Fall: The Perished Kingdom (Genesis 3-11)
In the beginning, God created humankind and placed them in the Garden of Eden, which was God’s dwelling place. Man was to enjoy the rule of God and His blessings while in the garden, and this would help maintain a good relationship between man and God, which formed the kingdom. However, after some time, the kingdom that existed began to perish when man rejected the rule of God, which breaks the relationship between God and man, and God ends up cursing the human kind. The rejection of the rule of God, which had ordered that man would not consume fruits from the tree at the middle of the Garden of Eden. However, a serpent introduced another authority to man by telling him that God asked him not to eat from the tree because He knew that man would have the same powers as Him of distinguishing between evil and good.
The author points out how God is graceful towards His creation. The author explains how God curses humankind for disobeying His commands and giving to the authority of a serpent. God was really angry with humankind and His creation, and as Genesis 3:15 states, God tells the serpent that He will put enmity between the offspring of a woman and the offspring of the snake where they will bruise each other (hurt each other). God establishes two seeds; that of the serpent and that of the woman, which ensures continuity of the kingdom and ensures that it doesn’t get depopulated. God would have chosen to depopulate the kingdom and end the creation, but because He is graceful, he doesn’t. 
The author also points out that life outside the life-giving presence of God is chaotic. The author elaborates how after humankind was driven outside the Garden of Eden and was living outside the life-giving presence of God, a lot of social chaos happened. He states how Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy. Additionally, he explains how people who don’t live under the life-giving presence of God don’t find pleasure in obeying His rule and think that they can outdo God. He shows how the people of Babel wanted to build a tower that would go up to Heaven, where God is believed to be. Additionally, God punishes people who do not live under his presence with floods and wipes them out. It is thus important that we align ourselves with God’s will to live a life without chaos.

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