Dependent Variables

Independent Variables
Mass of coffee filters

Controlled Variables
Drop height
Random errors
Wind or draft that can develop in the room
Air pressure may change as it gets warmer during the day.
When an object moves through air, the drag force brings about the reduction of the acceleration until terminal velocity is achieved by the body. When this occurs, the acceleration will be zero as the body will move with constant velocity. Terminal velocity depends on the size, shape, and mass of the falling object
mass (kg). terminal speed (m/s).
0.0000009 0.89
0.0000018 1.48
0.0000027 1.72
0.0000036 1.98
a)From the values obtained from the experiment, we can conclude that the results of the drag coefficients are reasonable as the relate with drag coefficients
b) The drop height was controlled at 2 meters which enabled the falling body achieve terminal velocity. Were it any shorter the body mmay be seen to be increasing in acceleration without necessarily achieving terminal velocity

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