I have this idea of using teledildonics for a revolutionary startup idea that will change the future of sex and intimate relationships.

How can teledildonics change the future of sex and intimate relationships?

Teledildonics refers to the use of technology, particularly the internet, to remotely control and enhance sexual experiences. This can involve the use of devices such as sex toys that can be controlled remotely, as well as virtual reality and other technologies that allow for immersive and interactive sexual experiences.

Sex toys that can connect through the internet like a computer or smartphone. The sex toy can be assigned an IP address or the sex toy can connect to the internet through the use of a phone app.

In order to connect remotely, teledildonics devices typically use some form of internet or Bluetooth connection. For example, a sex toy might be connected to a smartphone or computer using Bluetooth, and then controlled using a specific app or website. Virtual reality systems might use a similar setup, with the VR headset connected to a computer or other device via a wired or wireless connection.

Overall, the specific technology used in teledildonics will vary depending on the type of device and the intended use.

This is a mobile application and also service is accessible via the website. Individuals can sign up to offer service and get paid or pay to get service.

A user seeking service wears their teledildonic device – this can be special clothing. This clothing can include parts for penetrative sex, it can be a wearable dildo/vibrator, with a shape or tongue, a cup-like device for sucking breasts, and a part for kissing.

The User customizes the settings for the clothing including

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