SWOT Analysis for Data Loss Prevention




Advancement in technological aspects is taking shape at an unprecedented rate. Every transformation step made translates to the emergence of new business opportunities. However, as much as these opportunities come up, they have their challenges. The networking system is boosting the interconnectivity between and among various business opportunities to the outside world in that; there is a more considerable improvement in some services such as in the transaction industry, a factor proving to be vital when it comes provisioning of high-quality services. For the various businesses organization to avoid problems such as cyber-crimes, they have to develop some professional strategies such as cyber-security technology to cope with any threats that may arise.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Strengths Weaknesses
1. (Internet of Things (IoT)- Beneficial in streamlining process to enhance effective performance.
– It has control over the production process.
– Smart lighting system that will significantly reduce green emissions into the environment.
– Innovative technology for setting up reminders on specific issues within the workplace.
2. (Tokenization) – Internal protection. Whereby, sensitive information gets protection against intruders who might be employees of the organization.
– It also offers online protection for shoppers as it adds an extra-security chip to the transaction cards, which require a personal identification pin.

3. (Big Data Analytics)- By adopting big data analytics technology, an organization gets to save some revenue since this process runs on open source software that is cost-effective.
-The big data analytics enables an organization to evaluate its data through matching and mixing up of various data patterns.
4. (Data Obfuscation)- By an organization adopting this technology, it ensures secure encryption of its data and robust access policy to the organization’s data

1. (Internet of Things (IoT))-Greater chances of breaching and hacking of the system by IT experts.
– Data-related issues can emerge if the kind of information being handled by organization is massive data.
– Vulnerabilities in firmware that renders it to be a directionless technology.
2. (Tokenization)- The major weakness that faces this technology is resource limitation in the organization.
3. (Big Data Analytics)-With this technology, there is a probability of the software hung up during the analytics process resulting in delays in data relay.
-There is a shortage of personnel with relevant skills to operate this technology effectively
4. (Data Obfuscation) – This technology lacks a well-written security plan to discern instances of security patches in the system.

1. (Internet of Things (IoT)) – It has most promising and enticing investments that an organization can incorporate into their daily activities.
– Better health with devices that it comes along with user apps.
2. (Tokenization) – The tokenization technology can be made compatible with other technologies through modification to suit the needs of an organization.
– Apart from safeguarding financial information, tokenization technology offers an opportunity for using a broad range of identifiable data.
3. (Big Data Analytics)-The superior technology allows the organization to make discoveries, especially where there is a data gap.
-The use of advanced analytics enables an organization to have a visual sense of the on goings in data sets
4. (Data Obfuscation) – With this technology, it is possible to back up some of the vital information as well as providing an option for cloud storage of data.
1. (Internet of Things (IoT))- Security vulnerabilities
– High installation costs,
– The possibility of some of the high expectations (limits on usage) can sometimes fall flat.
2. (Tokenization) – The changing regulatory environment, such as the non-compliance issue, is of great concern.
3. (Big Data Analytics) – The primary threat of adopting this technology is the status quo- it can impact people, processes, and culture of the organization.
4. (Data Obfuscation)- Environmental concerns such as flooding or fire
– This technology is susceptible to computer viruses.
-Hacking attempts

A Plan for the People, Processes and Data Governance Issues
In provisioning of the network technology infrastructure, it is always necessary to put in place control measures that can safeguard an organization’s data. Designing of specific mechanism that can monitor and maintain data governance becomes the critical pillar that assures stable security operations during processes such as data entry. Apart from the above arrangement, by going the way of automating some of the processes in an organization, it builds an effective data governance management system that takes into consideration several factors. Some of the critical factors that can blend with the automation process include personal security, the setup standards, the integrity of the organization’s data, and the various rules that govern daily operations activities. As much as any other organization would aspire to have a right mix of infrastructural network, issues to do with data governance have several challenges. To avoid some challenges such as inconsistence data, an organization needs to implement a structural framework that govern all data management aspects (Alhassan et al., 2016).
By adding into the rhythm of data governance, data stewardship can be the best approach for making new arrangements on maintaining data, thus, preventing constraints and other issues that relate to data use. Stewardship also serves as data attributes that ensure consistency through taking the direct responsibility managing the organizational immediate preferences and needs. The well laid down procedures that are line with the corporate culture will be in charge of fostering compliance within the organization. The quality of data, the planning cautions, and the right mix of technology will form the basis of daily operations within the organization. Some programs such as training and educating employees, drawing of workflow programs, outsourcing processes, and risk exposure analysis will be part of the approaches for streamlining the organization.
The fundamental basis for an organization achieving its targets through the integration of advanced technology in its networking infrastructure heavily depends on the parameters that govern data management (Alhassan et al., 2016). For the effectiveness of such a strategy to stand, the following will take place: 1st to control the processes such as data entry, the majority of the functions will be automated; the authorized members are the only ones who can access the system to reduces instances of the data breach. When planning for human resource personnel, hiring of data guardians and stewards who will be in charge of custodian activities will be amongst the top priorities when it comes to the organization’s considerations.
Integration of different stakeholders, such as the IT people and the policy team, will also be critical in establishing an effective workflow system for smooth daily operations. With the IT team, they can play the role of architecture whereby, they can come up with models that can depict different visualizations across a set of data. The use of the unstructured data will help thereby, offering an opportunity for making inferences into the data to assess some particular aspects that need reviewing to better the performance of an organization (Dutta, 2015).
In conclusion, the sustenance of effective data governance is critical in accomplishing and achieving an organization’s stability. It is always paramount to put into perspective the stewardship and their functionalities when it comes to avoiding data governance issues. Through the appraisal of all factors, tools, technological skills and data quality levels, an organization can enhance accountability in its operations and making the right choices when it comes to a decision making the process.

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