You Should Drive a Stick Shift 1. Introduction A. Hook: You have an idea of purchasing a new automobile but aren’t sure on whether to buy an automatic or a stick shift drive. Then read on and at the end, this piece may be helpful for your concern. B. Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to drive stick shifts C. Background info: as a result of technological advancements, most people look forward to acquiring automatic vehicles without weighing the merits and demerits compared the drive stick shifts which tend to be better in terms of efficiency, safety, and maintenance. D. Thesis: Stick shifts have better fuel-efficiency, safer and are easier to operate than automatics. 2. Body Paragraph 1 A. Main Point: Stick shift drives are more fuel-efficient compared to automatic vehicles (Lucas & Stob, 2004). B. Supporting Points: Evidence and experiments show that driving a stick shift is more economical in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. The engine of a stick shift drive does not perform many activities when driving such as the case of automatic vehicles where it is used to change the gear. In stick shift drive, the driver changes the gear manually which prolongs the life of the engine making it more economical than the automated vehicles. C. Example: 2007 Nissan Sentra goes around 30 miles per gallon while the automatic vehicle of the same models goes for much higher of gas mileage consumption (Glon, 2019). 3. Body Paragraph 2 A. Topic Sentence: stick shift drives are also safe as a result of the manually and rational gear changes for braking and slowing down purposes. B. Supporting point: A stick shift vehicle gives the driver the feeling of being in control of the vehicle and this is seen through the physical effort put in controlling the vehicle (Fischer et al, 2015). An automatic vehicle has a torque converter and this is what pushes the vehicle forward. The stick shift vehicle does not have a torque converter and this ensures that the drier is able to use the momentum of the engine to slow down the vehicle and this means that functions such as braking are done easier. 4. Body Paragraph 3 A. Topic sentence: The safety of the stick shift drive is also enhanced by the training the drivers get. They are more technical and thus enhances safety when driving. B. Supporting points: Manual vehicles are generally safer because the driver has total control over the vehicle and pays attention to driving (Fischer et al, 2015). Automatic vehicles give the driver an experience of comfort and this means that the driver will concentrate less on the road. However, with a stick shift vehicle, the driver understands the importance of each operation and pays close attention to driving. In the training process, it is recommendable for automatic vehicle drivers to get the same training as the stick shift drivers for greater competency on the road. 5. Body Paragraph 4 A. Transition: Now that we have seen exactly how advantageous a stick shift vehicle is, it is important to look at the advantages of an automatic transmission vehicle. B. Opposing points: Automatic vehicles are usually more damage-prone and complex because the transmission of the vehicle can easily be damaged due to poor judgment or wrong use of gears. It is easy to misuse the transmission through constant use as a manual or when it is used in order to get an extra acceleration of the vehicle (Fischer et al, 2015). : Forcing the transmission into second gear and accelerating will wear out the transmission bands which run between the drum gears and this means that the bands will eventually fall out of adjustment or wear out. In some circumstances, the shifts may be highly aggressive and this will exert pressure on the entire engine and put extra stress on the flex plate meaning the torque converter will dampen the shock (Liu et al., 2012). In such a situation, the safety of the passengers may be placed in jeopardy. 6. Conclusion In conclusion, it may seem that automatic vehicles are the better option and the evidence revealed should persuade the audience that the stick shift is the better option of a vehicle. • The stick shift is economically viable in terms of fuel and oil consumption. • It is safer to drive and easier to control • It has better engine durability

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