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Global temperatures continue to rise with environmental pollution. Green technology may ease the rising temperatures. But because there is less land for afforestation in the city, the current green area is often less. Generally, stereoscopic greening aims at solving the issues of global warming, utilization of the natural resources to optimum, and reduction of pollution.
The present invention has the aim of solving the problem of these technologies and providing occupied a small area of land for a wide range of three-dimensional green growing devices. The present three-dimensional green cultivation system constructs a new function. It is possible to plant such structural features in the tank shell Vine; vine plants will climb on a metal grid, can achieve three-dimensional green, and reduces land occupation.
Figure 1: Stereoscopic wall Greening (FAN et al. 2016)

Crop substrate can be lost; this loss can have avoided by providing the cultivation medium’s upper and lower surfaces. The cultivation medium can improve usage and make cost reduction. For Vine grown on a vertical plane, a planar metal grid structure is equipped with a slide groove shell, dropper, and metal mesh arranged sequentially spaced on the slide on both sides of the groove by a pulley connected to the housing (Heather,2015). Slide on an outdoor advertising wall or shelf to achieve a full planting of three-dimensional space without taking up any of the land capital, and encourage deployment.
Stereoscopic greening employs the usage of the available natural resources. To use rainwater resources for irrigation, an inverted trapezoidal metal grid structure, a top surface of the underlying metal grid is provided with an inverted trapezoidal water receiving funnel, the funnel and the tank receiving water connected to the tank by a bracket above the spatial positions of the dropper, and the lower header pipe through a dropper (Nasu,2016). This structure can be used in the rainy season, rainwater resources for plant irrigation, more water, cost reduction, and resource waste reduction.
The current use of plant tank shell in lianas allows plants to cling to the metal grid so that you cannot take up land resources to carry out a comprehensive greening. Although specific conditions for the green area, different shapes of the metal grid are organised, stereoscopic blue (Jevrejeva et al. 2016). Drainage surface in a lower portion of the cultivation medium and the cultivation substratum on the metal mesh can be more than rising media water filtered through a metal mesh, discharged into the drainage sheet, conducive to plant growth.
Figure 2: vertical greening, plant wall, soilless cultivation, plant container (Laurence & Sabin, 2016)
A dropper can help conserve water to avoid pollution. Water conservation and pollution prevention are underway by creating a conduit for humidity and crop cultivation. On the other side, when the inverted metal grid system equipped with a water receiving tank at the top of the funnel and the metal grid, using a monsoon rain deposited in the container, continuous medium of cultivation and plants to provide moisture, water conservation and reduced the cost.

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