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Considering the massive decrease in white-collar jobs or employment opportunities globally, individuals are opting for self-employment to be able to settle bills and put food on the table. This arena is proving the best since people are driven by individual initiatives to make ends meet by establishing sustainable and profitable businesses of choice. Offering an alternative for individuals to achieve their dreams and make a living, it comes along with challenges like competition, lack of adequate capital to raise the required tools not to mention the ever-changing advancement in the world business. The emergence of advanced industrial platforms, political instability, increased competition, and the changing consumer preferences have played a major role in shaping the world today (Kent et al, 2018). Importantly, the benefits of self-employment outdo the challenges since people are motivated by their passion, likes and desire to achieve what they really love not mention the fact an individual sets his or her pace.
Employment, on the other hand, has not died entirely since there are still avenues for working considering individuals’ expertise. This comes along with challenges since people work under pressure and supervision to attain the company’s goal meaning there is no excuse in delivering, absenteeism, lateness and adhering to owner’s rules. Profusely, it has benefits too in such that an individual is able to exercise personal educational qualifications since companies hire professionals. Logically, an employee worries less about customers, orders, and capital or finances to sustain the operations of this company. Mulvey et al (2017) argues that employers are under pressure to increase employee’s benefits for them to remain competitive in talent market place. Thoughtfully, working for a company under someone’s rules and regulations might sound harsh but the benefits too come in handy hence making a fair playing ground.

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