[Dove Sky Witness, empowers women and encourages them to stand up for themselves and their rights.]

[Google: Body type]

[there is a clear sense of acceptance and a desire to prevent body-shaming. The purpose of the advertisement is to promote self-acceptance and self-assurance. We may build a universe where we can get rid of problems that damage our egos and self-esteem with the aid of rhythmic music. In an effort to convince themselves that their body types are ideal, they use the female gender. Together, they may cultivate an accepting culture and find happiness. Their physical characteristics are acceptable for magazine covers and advertising. Since stereotypes and esteem are cross-cultural, they make use of individuals from various cultural backgrounds.]


[Some of the socially significant messages in the advertisement include comfort, space, and a sense of fulfillment. Additionally, going from one location to another and traveling should be relaxing. Because of the characteristics that support their travel requirements and enable them to pursue their hobbies with ease, the majority of consumers of the advertisement are likely to give the Toyota car some thought. In contrast to pain from uncomfortable seats, irritable road notice, and a stiff ride, a fatigue-free drive is more calm and likely to be regarded while driving. The advertisement provides the comfort required to appeal to customers seeking luxury and comfort.]


[The advertising clearly portrays a distinct Bostonian stereotype of individuals. The lesson from this advertising, though, might also apply to those with various accents who are made fun of for the way they speak. It demonstrated that you can be accepted wherever and even possess automobiles that are as intelligent as the sponsored goods, regardless how people make fun of your accent.]


Research Question


[I wanted to know how these advertising was affecting people’s social ideas and attitudes, therefore I developed my research topic from a social science perspective. I was especially interested in learning how these commercials support gender equality.]


[How do the Dove, Google Body Type, Toyota, and Hyundai commercials promote gender equality, asks my research question?

I would need to do research on consumer responses to and interactions with these advertising in order to respond to this question. This can be asking people who have watched these commercials in surveys or interviews, or holding focus groups to talk about the commercials.]

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