To: The senior Management Team

From: Operational Manager



Subject:King Edward VII College risk Management Plan

Due to the various risks that face the establishment and running of the two campuses, there has been the need to come up with a comprehensive risk management plans that will guide our operations.  We have seen from experience that learners make personal RTO decisions on selection on the basis courses’ quality, the cost of education, options available for employment, as well as recommendations from friends and family, among many other parameters.  The enduring emphasis on vocational use and continued consultation within educational circles is going to make surethat the courses we offer are suitable to grow the ability and familiaritythat isneeded by employers presently as well as students. The risk management decisions that we make are on the basisofwide and incessant research. We obtain our information from different sources. They includeexisting and prospective students, competitors, media and government along with many others.

The plan is going to be important because we plan to increase our safety through the following actions:

Ø  Hiring responsible auditors

Ø  Hiring enough number of instructors

Ø  Offering on-line blended learning with sufficient manpower

Ø  Providing face to face information sessions to improve performance

The following is the proposed workforce plan for the institution:


                         Over the duration of this plan it is projected that student enrolments will increase at least 10% per annum. It is anticipated that the increase in enrolments will be accommodated by employing extra human resources. Appropriately qualified and experienced training and assessment as well as support and administration staff will be appointed.Enrolments will be monitored on an ongoing basis and a formal review of this plan will be undertaken every six months. During review the management will decide if the levels of human resources are appropriate for the level of enrolments. Trainers and assessors as well as administrative and support staff will be employed part time on casual contracts initially. However, as it has been difficult to find appropriately skilled trainers and assessors, it is hoped to offer at least two full-time contracts in the near future.

                         Lack of skilled trainers and assessors is a key issue. Key skills required are high levels knowledge and skills in adult learning and the design and development of assessment tools.

We therefore request you to kindly allow us to continue with the plan and implement the risk assessment.

Risk assessment

Scope of assessment:


Critical success factors:


Internal & external stakeholders:




Severity Rating

Likelihood Rating

Treatment or control methods

Person responsible


Priority rating

Monitoring process

Academic risks

Students might face difficulties in getting quality education



Ensuring that all lecturers and members of staff are well vetted

Academics manager

3 months


Benchmarking and going through students’ performance trends

Financial risks

The campuses running short of capital to carry on operations




Finance manager

6 months


Making sure that all books of account are well audited

Operational risks

Lack of sufficient manpower to run the campuses




Human resources manager

6 months


Ensuring that all departments are well staffed


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