The healthcare sector is encountering various changes, improvements and modifications with reference to the new technology. Several advancement approaches are still being implemented by various organizations and influential individuals to drift from the old horizontal method of healthcare.
1. Identify the critical issues and bring them up to date
The article addresses various issues that arose in the healthcare sector immediately after the successful transfer of Microsoft leadership under Satya Nadella. Nadella is the most influential CEO to the Microsoft company business since, she introduced the six verticals including education, governmental services, financial, retail and manufacturing. Microsoft clients used Microsoft AI and Azure cloud computing machines for accelerating various services.
The CEO focused on the incorporation of Microsoft features, including the use of cloud computing, AI aspects, and other new technologies to initiate several processes in the healthcare vertical. Healthcare became the most important vertical for the Microsoft company although the health practitioners and consumers had unwillingness in sharing of trust reports generated by the artificial intelligence.
Microsoft company had invested largely in startups related to the healthcare sector, despite of this it received competition from other companies in the process of acquiring data for analytics. This is because, the other companies like Apple Inc. and Google were more aggressive.

2. Discuss what could have been done differently and what has been done
Probably, the process of startup acquisition could be made easier by Nadella concentrating on both horizontal and vertical aspects of healthcare, offering both standard and customized solutions to cloud computing to ease the issue of security concerns by healthcare providers in the transferring of patients details to the cloud.
Nadella solved some challenges in the company. He also managed to implement various reforms in the healthcare vertical sector; the company shifted its priority to the healthcare and this resulted to the development of product research teams which in turn helped customers develop cloud-based platforms operating under AI. The systems focused on the integration of information across healthcare providers. It was made in a way that it created a community based and personalized network. Currently, the company has made significant advancement through the empowerment of many individuals. The CEO hired some influential individuals and also added healthcare patents in the AI and telehealth.
4. Comment on what would have changed of things would have been done differently.
The Microsoft company would be better provided the CEO would allow a deeper analysis of the vertical markets and avoid focusing on some specific verticals and also resolve to offer standardized solutions to their horizontal clients. Concentration on the customized solutions proved to be expensive than the standardized solution. Therefore, there is need for the regulation of the focus on customized solutions. This would increase profits for the company.
The process of customization of cloud computing resulted to client benefiting more from the interoperability. Microsoft company needed to benefit from the business and make the most profits. It was necessary to make Microsoft a partner of its clients and Nadella was working toward it since, the cloud application allowed in-depth analytics to bee done and it also allowed switching from the platforms. This was necessary for precision and predictions of the broad spectrum in the health sector. It was to be entirely based on the contracts for the purpose of promotion of the establishment of new tools such as APIs and FHIR for the standard securing of information. Establishment of new tools promotes the development of the Microsoft company.
The use of patient’s genetic information and life history to predict healthcare solutions would promote the success of the company. The Microsoft company should devise means of working with necessary corporations to get access to the patients information with the intent of predicting future healthcare progress. The company should provide AI solution to the patients and incorporate the training of robots to conduct some biological researches but also make the process simple by ensuring hospitals use digitalized forms of technology to acquire and keep records for patients.
Microsoft corporation should work on understanding the process in which diagnosis is done to patients in order for the AI to used effectively. The AI should be made skeptical and easier to be used in its technical purpose. The stakeholders should also focus on knowing how to draw conclusions from the platform and how to use the information for patient treatment. Machine learning should be offered by the company to the doctors but in such a way that it does not interfere with their diagnostic accuracies and loss of essential practitioner skills.
Microsoft should work towards breaking the bridge between accessing patients’ data. The process would be beneficial since, secrecy and data privacy hinder the upload of sensitive data and this results to inaccuracy in prediction of data. Microsoft Azure is quite expensive when used without monitoring, therefore, the company should monitor the operation of the application to maintain its effectiveness.
5. Extract “lessons learnt”
The Digital startup strategy is essential in the growth of the Microsoft company, since, digital startups focus on data management, analytics and they promote revolutionary technology streams. Through Innovaccer, the Microsoft company was able to provide clear insights linked to various real-time decisions made by healthcare practitioners.
Microsoft Azure solution aided in healthcare organization in the process of reduction in marketing solutions through quick connection of devices to source of health records. The
connections were majorly done in standard formats.
Customizing of cloud applications can be expensive especially when not monitored regularly.
Microsoft partnered with clients and other companies to increase its profitability. It also partnered with Walgreens Boot Alliance and the partnership enabled Microsoft achieve its strategic plans under Nadella.
6. Relate the case to the digital transformation happening in the health care sector here in Saudi Arabia.
Currently, in Saudi Arabian, Microsoft Arabia and Roche are working towards activation of AI in the cancerous disease diagnostics in Saudi. This process involves the use of both artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology for diagnosing the early stages of the disease for the purposes of promoting competencies in the healthcare sector. On 13th December 2022, the companies signed a memo of understanding in Egypt and to promote understanding in Microsoft Middle East to also focus on provision of new corporations in the use of technology to achieve better healthcare services at low costs for patients and therapy.

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