Religion Question and Answer Paper
1). Please view the video link below and comment on the content of the video. Also, answer the following question; what are some of the sacred practices and patterns in religions
The existence of the Mande people in the western region of the Ivory Coast can only be considered to be unique and one of a kind. In an age where modernization is slowly taking over the world, it is interesting that these group of people still embrace the ancient traditional practices. From the unique role of women, the existence of the forest jungles that harbors a group of the people to the ancestral spirit worship, this group of Ivor Coast community is a true reflection of traditionalists. There are so many sacred practices and patterns. Some of them may include the reading of sacred texts, singing and dancing, spriticual incantation and worship among others.
2). Please view the video link below and comment on the content of the video. Also, answer the following question; what are some of the sacred practices in oral religions?
As demonstrated in the video, oral tradition story telling was not just about entertainment as known to many of us. It was also about keeping the traditions and creating a continuity of the legends. It was also about teaching the children about the traditions of the community alongside the do’s and don’ts. Unlike in the current society, oral traditional story tellers are unique. They are teachers and special people and not just any one. Sacred practices in oral traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism may include spiritual chants during oral transmission and the use of unique performance arena. The cultural preparation rituals before oral transmissions is another major oral sacred practice that is witnessed by many oral traditions.
3). Compare and contrast what you have learned about African religions with what you learned about North American religions.
African religions and North America religions have several similarities. In both religions, one thing that stands out is that over and above the earth, humans and plants, there exist a supernatural being of authority. Both the North American religion and the African religion have a profound appraisal for moral codes and behaviors that governs the existence of human beings in the world. There are also differences between the two religions. The North American religion for example is highly built on a written religion. This takes the form of the bible and other scriptures that offer religious guidance. It is not the same case with the African religions. The sacred practices that characterizes the African religions are also different from those of the North American religion. For example, in the African religion, the appeasing of the supernatural beings being may take the form of sacrifices. The appeasing of the supernatural beings in North American religion may take the form of offerings or giving back to the society.
4). what are some of the modern challenges of Hinduism? Please view the video below as well and post your thoughts.
Hinduism has come of age to be considered as the oldest religion in the Universe. The existence of the religion has however not been without a lot of challenges. One of the major challenge facing Hinduism is the emergence of several religious denominations that continue to draw the member of Hinduism to other religions. Lack of unification is another challenges facing Hinduism today. This is due to the caste system and social system. The other challenge is the changing status of women. These problems continue to jeopardize the existence of Hinduism in the current society as compared to the ancient times. One interesting thing that I noticed while watching the video is the high level of diversity in the Hindu religion. The religion has defied the notion that all their members are from India. Many Native Americans and even Spanish are fast joining the religion.
5). what are the differences between the different types of Buddhism?
There are different types of Buddhism. They can be categorized based on their differences. One of the differences is that some of the types of Buddhism religions are traditional while others are the modern type. Another key difference is based on the types that practice Pali Canon. These types of Buddhism are categorized as Nikaya Buddhism. Difference in Introspection is also a difference in the different types of Buddhism. People have different logical reasoning, experiences and faith hence fall into different types of Buddhism. The teachings can also be a difference. For example, Mahayan, one of the three major type of Buddhism is considered to be based on a guide as compared to being a doctrine. It unravels the truth based on reasoning and criticism.
6). what are the basic differences between Jainism and Sikhism?
The major difference between Jainism and Sikhism is that Jains do not believe in the existence of a supreme being who is also the creator of the universe which is not the same case with the Sikhs. The Sikhs believe in one creator of the universe who also acts as the center of authority. Fasting is considered one of the major tenets of Jainism religion. Sikhism however does not include fasting as one of the major tenet. Also, the Jains believe in idol worshipping and follows Mahavira. The Sikhs on the other hand have follow 10 groups of prophets that they believe connects them to the Supreme Being.
7). Chapter 8 Discuss the difference in focus between Confucianism and Daoism/Taoism. One is social and the other is interested in immortality. Are these complementary or conflicting? Are there components of your own belief system that may agree with both of these emphases?
Even with the vast differences between Confucianism and Daoism, their emphasis on social and immorality distinctively complements each other. Confucianism is more about living in social harmony. Daoism on the other hand can be said to be more about having a world free from immorality. Social harmony and morality complements each other. Irrespective of the belief differences, the two seems to be in harmony about the existence of humanity. One’s efforts to shun away from immorality is a good deed that can guarantee a life in harmony with other people. One of my belief is that human beings should strive to live harmoniously with other people. This is a component of the Confucianism belief system that support my belief. I also believe in equality between men and women. The equality belief is also accepted by the Daoism.
8). Chapter 9 and 10 Compare and contrast the Shinto concept of good and evil with the Zoroastrian concept of good and evil. Note specifically any deities that may be associated with either concept.
The depiction of good and evil by Shinto and Zoroastrian in chapter 9 and 10 reveals that there arte dieties who may actually be associated with either of two concepts. For example, Tsuki-Yomi is said to be associated with Shinto’s concept of good and evil. Tsuki-Yomi is said to have killed the goddess of food because of the way prepared dinner for the gods was disgusting. A kami, another god is seen as a sacred god and hence anything done or said by him is considered good. On the other example one of the gods that is associated with Zoroastrianism is Angra Manyu. He is considered to be the god of death and also seen as the originator of all evil in the world. Ahura Mazda is a connected with good and dwells in heaven.
9). Discuss the significance of one of the major Jewish festivals. What do you find meaningful about it? In what way does it support the Jewish way of life?
The Jewish religion has several festivals. Among the major festival among the Jews is the Passover. The Passover, also known as the feast of the Passover, is normally celebrated in order to commemorate how the children is Israel were liberated from the hands of the Egyptians. The one thing that I find meaningful about the celebration is that the Jews celebrate it as a way of remembering that the God of Jews showed his powers to the human race. I believe that this supports the Jewish way of life. The high respect and obedience to God is considered an important part of the religious beliefs among the Jews. All their doings and endeavors reflect the respect and obedience to God.
10). Chapter 12 How did the life of Jesus and his teachings affect Christianity? How did the Protestant Reformation affect Christianity as a whole?
The life and teachings of Jesus with no doubt affected Christianity. Jesus life and teachings shaped up the beliefs that Christians upheld after his death. Most of the beliefs such as eternal life after death and God’s need for repentance and being saved are from Jesus teachings. The practices and festivals that Christians currently have are also as a result of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. One example of these festivals is the Christmas celebration that commemorates the birth of Christ. On the other hand the reformation of Protestants paved a way for unity among diversified theological areas. Sacraments were also restored to the people and there was more inclusivity in the church. The other effect was the reclamation of the biblical idea of pastorate.
11). Compare and contrast the view of Jesus Christ within Christianity and within Islam. Do Muslims acknowledge Jesus Christ at all? How does the Islamic view of Jesus differ from the Christian view?
The views of Jesus Christ is accepted more in Christianity as compared to Muslim. As the son of God, Jesus Christ, his and teachings are more related to Christianity. Muslims therefore do not believe on the views and teachings of Jesus Christ. For example, Jesus Christ emphasizes on his second coming and the rapture that will see God taking Christians to heaven for eternity. Muslims do not believe on the second coming of Christ nor the rapture and eventually eternity. Muslims believe in prophet Mohammed and not Jesus Christ. Muslim therefore believe in Jesus Christ but in a different way. They for example do not believe Jesus Christ was the son of God but however as a holy prophet.
12). which of the new religions do you find most interesting and why do you find them the most interesting?
The new religion that I find most interesting is the Jehovah witness evangelism religion. The religion is a part of Christianity. The religion is highly involved in evangelism throughout the world. It is considered one of the fastest growing religions in the world. I like the doctrines of the church and their beliefs. Their dedication to evangelism is also interesting and unique among other Christian denominations. The dedication that is connected with this type of evangelism is on a high level. It involves sacrifice and a lot of obedience. It is a unique type of spiritual dedication that is sometimes connected with brain washing.
13). Please view the documentary about Stonehenge (the link is below) and post a comment about what you found the most interesting about the documentary and how it relates to what you have learned about religions in this course
The one thing that I found interesting with the Stonehenge documentary is the transportation of the huge rocks to their place they are located at the moment. The documentary claims that the stones were transported several miles away from their current location. It is interesting how they transported and build. It raises questions on whether supernatural powers were used to build the stone. The dire need to transport and build the Stonehenge according to the documentary is associated with a Celtic clergy that offered sacrifice. It relates to the different ways sacred practices such as sacrificial offerings were done among different religions.
14). Please view the documentary about a Shinto Shrine (the link is below) and post a comment about what you found the most interesting about the documentary and how it relates to what you have learned about religions in this course
The most interesting thing I found about the Shinto shrine documentary is the deep belief that is associated with the shrine. Because the shrine is a place that houses the Japanese dieties, many people have formed a lot of beliefs about the shrine. For example it was interesting that a deer is considered to be a messenger of the gods. As a result of the beliefs and faith on the shrine, thousands of people visit the shrine yearly to give thanks and talk to the dieties. I now believe that religion is simply about belief and faith. Different religious differences does not matter, what matter is our faith and what we believe in.

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