Marijuana in the United States should be legalized.
Within the United States the marijuana industry has become an incredibly lucrative business and many stakeholders hold diverse opinions in regards to its legalization. According to recent research two thirds of Americans support the move by the gorvement to legalize it and do not consider it to be a drug. The paper will include an in-depth analysis of why marijuana should be legalized
1. Marijuana has medicinal value
According to scientific research from various institutes weed has many medicinal values which includes alleviating pain depression and have been frequently used in theatres to treat patients. The cancer foundation and institute have also indicated that marijuana components have helped to slow down the growth and progression of cancer cells (Wang, 2016). The THC and other cannabionoids gradually slows down the progression of cancer cells and hence further research is being conducted to analyze how the drug can be used to come up with cancer treatments. This medical value and also an effort by the gorvement to curb and control other harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin which have more harmful effects as compared to marijuana.
2. Marijuana is a safer and better drug than alcohol and tobacco
Many deaths globally are caused by the frequent abuse of either tobacco or alcohol and yet they are legal. Alcohol causes liver cirrhosis if consumed over a long span of time whereas tobacco has been known to cause throat mouth and lung cancer. However marijuana barely has any side effects and mostly helps to relieve people from acute pain and depression and can also be used for recreation purpose (Kamin, 2016). Deaths reported due to marijuana consumption are there neither can they be directly linked to the consumption of the drug.
3. Legalization would raise revenue for federal and state gorvements if taxed
For business starters legalizing marijuana could help to put huge sums of money on individual’s states and federal gorvements. According to a cannabis data analytic firm report in 2017 the immediate legalization would help raise the aggregate federal tax to $131.8 billion .The legalization would also be game changer for people since it would create a lot of formal and non formal employment for people working in the marijuana farms and also those employed in clubs and other recreational facilities. Farmer’s distributors and processors would also directly benefit from the legalization and these would be a major way to increase employment opportunities to people across the nation.
4. Billions Of dollars saved in law enforcement costs
In 2013 alone it was approximated that the gorvement spend $3.6 million dollars in marijuana control programs and also in legal lawsuits against people caught with the drug. Legalization of the drug would help these funds and revenue to be channeled to other constructive programs such as healthcare and education (Resko, 2019). Spending so much money on a non harmful product makes no sense whereas tobacco and alcohol consumption have led to death of many patients within the United States and globally as well. The number of people arrested and has legal proceeding for using the drug would also be released and these would go a long way in cost cutting and saving a lots of money spent in court cases

It can therefore evident that marijuana legalization in the United States is a good move and will help in not only helping curb mental pain and depression but will also raise taxes and revenues for federal Gorvement. From a critical point of view marijuana is a safer drug as compared to the rest.


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