As an HRD consultant there are distinct roles I need to make as part of the solution, the consultant need should focus on how the sustainability agenda will be aided to deliver organizational excellence. This means that the HR should partner in strategic execution which means that understand the sustainability weakness in the organization and apply the skills to assist in improving the general organizational sustainability objectives. This will entails coordinating the various departmental meeting to determine how the operational excellence may be attained. Furthermore, in the training, as a consultant, I need to organize how the team will work to attain the objectives within the recommended timelines. This is because of the broader goals of sustainability which requires employee commitment towards driving the changes. As an HRD consultant, I need also demonstrating knowledge and business acumen on the current issues Starbuck handles that are related to sustainable agenda. Furthermore, bring the employee to work together for a common goal through bonding, group related activities, question and answer session among others.

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