In as much as psychology deals with the scientific study of mental processes and behavior, it also applies the knowledge to vast spheres of everyday activities of humans, including the treatment of mental illness and their daily lives. It is a subject that exists around us and the situations that happen around us. Primarily, psychologists major on the interactions of individuals with the environment through the process of cognition, learning sense, and thinking (Cherry & Gans, 20181). They deal with the health and well-being of an individual, for example, managing stress, making better decisions, and communication skills. Therefore, psychology helps in ensuring that those with psychological issues are taken care of. This paper brings an insight into the psychological concepts and its relation to mental and behavioral processes and how these concepts explain the mental and behavioral processes. Psychology deals with learning to understand others better. The ability to understand the emotions of others and the individuals’ sentiments plays a vital role in building relationships and professional life. It helps in discovering a different verbal and non-verbal communications that majors on understanding others differently. In some instances, we have people with abnormal behaviors, such as a change in focus. Psychology thus answers some of the psychological issues which one might be going through. Therefore mental processes will enable one to consider the situations bringing up the change and understand the different perspectives of another individual. Psychology involves memory. Studying how people behave, feel, and think, involves memory. For instance, one can remember what happened during childhood and forget what happened recently (Nurius, Green, Logan-Greene & Borja, 2015). One will be able to learn how to eliminate distractions that bring up memory loss. For example, the capability to gauge the ability of one’s mind depends on some concepts such as rehearsing after a given period for easy managing of people’s minds and thus helps in focusing and getting what is fit for them. Therefore people will behave differently. Psychology is an overall means to improve human health. The psychological concepts enable one to get motivated towards specific tasks such as the idea of learning a new language, quitting smoking, and weight loss by obtaining tips from psychology and learning how to apply them in real life to solve this issue (Hofmann, 2014). It gives them ways to encourage exercise and proper diets for nutrition, thus fighting depression, trauma, and other diseases involving mental and behavioral processes. Therefore, this will limit various problems that arise from what can be solved through practice and being healthy. Behavioral psychology influences our daily activities. In my case, psychology has brought me a mental focus, more importantly, in my wish to become an athlete. Such an event requires a straight mind and motivation to focus on what one requires to ensure success. For example, when psychology is involved, most problems are solved. Given that I wanted to be an athlete, psychology helped me to get the determination and strength to know that it is possible when mental health is involved, including health and well-being. In conclusion, one primary goal of psychology is to describe, predict, and improve human behavior. It often deals with the basic understanding of how people behave, feel, and think in their day to day activities. Psychologists help people in making their lives better through psychology.
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