Pros and Cons of Using Internet The Internet is the platform where a global computer network provides numerous communication facilities, data, and information, while us it consists interlinked networks that is guided and regulated via standard communication policies and protocols. In the current world access to internet services has been simplified, since one can get connected to internet access using electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, computer and tablets. Hence, internet access makes the world a small village global to live. Although its use is advancing with time, the internet has both positive and negative effects that we discuss in our essay on goodness or badness of the internet. One goodness of using internet services is going to the scholars, where students can research their homework and assignment at their homes. Information existing on the internet tend to be a variety. Thus the student has to go through them and chose among the best to use, thereby expanding their knowledge on the topic question-solving. Researching on the issues and problems faced in the current world has led to innovation, inventions of new technologies and also has provided an answer to which are vital for human survival in the earth. For example in health, new drugs to curb deadly disease such as malaria has been developed. Another goodness of the internet is that communication has been greatly enhanced. Nowadays platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube and many others have been set for communication purpose. Therefore you find that you can make conversation or share information to the world very quickly using this channel all under the umbrella of internet services. Internet through this communication channel has created harmony within the families and the people living in the world. Also has made social interaction practices possible at a lower cost, where one can make new friends globally irrespective of his or her cultural diversities. Although the internet has it better, also there are some drawbacks, for example, many people waste their time on irrelevant activities. Majority of the young people usually spend more of their time in the gaming and gambling internet platforms that may be adding no value to them. Thus with time there get addicted, and they run out of control to resist the burning desire to continue irrespective of the responsibilities they are attached. Due to too much wasting time on the internet, it has contributed to failing in school works, like schooling lower grades and being lazy. To wide up, using the internet has both the harmful effects on the population, but the merits of its use tend to be many. I recommend the use of the internet for it turns to be an incredible tool, and hence it benefits overshadows the negatives. Furthermore, care should be taken when using the internet and avoid excessive usage of the internet to prevent addiction.

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