Project management is considered to be a comprehensive program that has an objective of improving leaders’ performance in the industry and also the organization’s performance. The program has offered a hand in raising productivity to both the corporate as well as the scientific world. Any leader requires the right persons in his or her management to realize the set goals as well as the objectives of the organization as a whole. Different people have the capability of occupying different managerial positions that are available, in trying to realize the goals and the purposes that are set by a particular firm concerning the skills that they have as well as their reliability. The roles are inclusive of the project manager, team members, sponsor, team leader, as well as the steering committee (Cunningham, 2015). The team members perform almost all the work in the company, they are the ones in the ground, and they are as well the engine of the firm. The team members should have the technical skill and people who can perform many duties of different kinds. They should show their responsibilities as a team and in meeting the goal of an organization they should collaborate. One can get outstanding team members who can deliver objectives.
Three potential project management positions that I would personally consider likely employment when I complete the program management program include;
Project manager to chief operating officer
A project manager who has close to 10 years of experience implementing industry projects like in insurance or banking hall, in an institution is very suited to be a chief operating officer. The project manager in his or her work, would have performed with the C-level, corporate departments, as well as all staff level in an organization (Day, 2018). The project manager can see the operational outs and ins as compared to anyone else in any specific department. If one aspires to be a chief operating officer, it will good to get a business degree or MBA more so if one has a base of a technical area degree such as accounting or engineering.
Project Manager to Entrepreneur
A lot of my friends who are project managers and have close to 10 years of experience as project managers while hitting 40s, always tend to start their own business and leave the job. I do believe it is natural for ten years or so within the corporate world as a project manager is a long time. This is because most of the project managers work triply or double hard in trying to meet the set deadlines and the goals of an organization. There is a wide opening in entrepreneurship. I have witnessed many project managers put their project managerial skills into good use by becoming restaurant owners (Novikov, 2017). Some start consultancy firms by themselves, giving out system execution projects. Some even start writing software and selling by use of the industry knowledge as well as secondary solutions.
Business-As-Usual Role to Project Manager
Taking an example of one of my friends who were from the operational department in the global bank. What he was doing over three years was confirmation of trade daily wit counterparties for a trade laced with a relationship manager by any client. This is an operational kind of job, meaning that his responsibilities and roles were not changing much day-to-day. Among his contributions to the organization as being a tester in system enhancement rollout. He was running the test scripts and delivered feedback on the software quality as well as system bugs’ documentation (Tang, 2019). The limited period my friend worked got him interested in broader project jobs, and he moved on to join a global management consultancy organization as a business analyst. After four years he made the transition to project manager from business analyst a role that he played for 3years. My friend today is running projects successfully for another global bank. What am trying to put across is that if one is interested in becoming a project manager, from a business analyst after starting as a BAU person, he or she can indulge in project job in a small role. After that, leveraging on the experience of the project, and the knowhow on the industry from the BAU role, there exists a strong proposition in joining a project team or company as a business analyst. It is smoother to transition from a business analyst to be a project manager.
The financial service sectors are where many of the project management jobs fall mostly- particularly in the banks. Private Banks, in particular, are dignified in tapping on all the individuals who are rich in cash.
Project Management Certification
After the completion of the project management program, I would wish to make a point in the certification of project management. One could ask if the project management professional (PMP) certification is a credential that should be considered useful for one to have. In my view, I would state that from the project delivery point of view, I would not find it essential or much useful. I know many managers of projects who are performing so well, but they do not have the project management professional certification (Day, 2018). Having that in mind, the project management professional certification is considered a prerequisite in many jobs of project management, mainly in the project management parts in banks. It is like the MBA or the CFA designation where it does not hurt having one, but it doesn’t matter in acquiring a project management role.
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