Project Charter

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Project Charter
Project Name Establishment of a Coffee Shop Business Project Number A-02803
Project Team Jerry Lawson- Project Manager
Sara Jenkins
Melissa Grant
Mike Green
Michael Ray
Erick Trippier Prioritization High
Owner(s) Edgar McCray & Monica Stephaney Start Date: 1st July 2020
Scheduled Completion Date:
30th August 2020

Mission/ Purpose The project aims at completing a startup coffee shop business. The project is coined to the aspects of administering the needs and requirements of the community whereby the region do not have enough coffee shops with unique, exclusive and operational coffee joints. The project will begin by introducing the mission and vision statements of the new business which will be based on the provision of a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to the customers. The business will also provide quality food and drinks products with exceptional service and entertainment at a reasonable and affordable price. The project will also incorporate the elements of maximizing profits of the new business, create a business clientele, and have competent employees who will help in improving customer satisfaction.

Statement Of Work: Project
Description and Project Product The project intends to involve the process of introducing a coffee shop business. The coffee shop aims at introducing a unique and satisfactory business that will welcome the vast majority of customers in the region. The objectives of introducing the coffee shop business in the region are to offer a competitive environment for the current and available restaurants whereby the new business will provide distinctive products and services to the clients. The project will outline the high-level deliverables for the coffee shop that will be attained after the completion of the project.
The project deliverables will include:
i. Design drawings
ii. Technical interpretation
iii. Tender documentation
iv. Site investigation report
v. Strategic report
vi. Progress report
vii. A completed coffee shop structure

Objectives The main objective of the project is to design a distinctive coffee shop structure and introduce the business that will have a competitive advantage in the market industry.
The project objectives include:
i. Renting a coffee shot building structure – commencement of designing the structure
ii. A Facility with easy entry and exit strategies – effective planning
iii. Innovative interiors – updated design structures
iv. Health and safety targets – implementation of safety settings
v. Smooth movement within the shop – access in and out of the kitchen
vi. Special storage conditions – innovation and planning
vii. Environmental control – green strategies
viii. Energy preservation – use of a solar-powered system
ix. Fire prevention and emergency response – safety and protection
x. Design and structure standards – high-quality standard interior tools
xi. Guidelines for security – secured with an alarm system
xii. Reduced cost facilities – technological development aspects
xiii. Spacious structural facilities – spacious interior designs

Business Need The project aims at introducing a uniquely set and organized coffee shop that will accommodate more than 60 people at one sitting. The project intends to help the business in maximizing profits and increasing revenues for the owners. Also, the project aims at enhancing the customer service provision as well as ensuring consumer protection and satisfaction. The significant financial incentive of the project is for the coffee shop to become a leading fast-food business which will help in creating a competitive advantage in the region.

Milestones The project will commence on 1st July 2020, and the projected completion time is 30th August 2020. The construction span is expected to take three months. The milestones for the project will involve;
i. Project planning – 5 days
ii. Project design – 10 days
iii. Resource planning – 5 days
iv. Processes planning – 5 days
v. Setting Deliverables – 5 days
vi. Project integration – 10 days
vii. Financing – 5 days
viii. Hiring of contractors – 5 days
ix. Project execution – 35 days
x. Project handover – 5 days
Budget The Business owners have specified that the project should not exceed $3.5 million for the establishment of the coffee shop enterprise. The project will be evaluated with the budget provided whereby the renting space and the design structures will be involved in the project’s budget.

Renting Space $1,000,000
Estimated Labor $500,000
Estimated Materials $700,000
Estimated Contractors $500,000
Estimated Equipment and Facilities $700,000
Estimated Travels $100,000
Total Estimated Cost $3,500,000

User Acceptance Criteria The acceptance criteria will involve the collaboration with the project stakeholders in assessing the quality of the project as connected to the company’s objectives. The criteria will involve;
i. Project manager – assessment of project details
ii. Procurement manager – purchase of quality designing materials
iii. Renovation supervisor – evaluation of the design and renovation process
iv. Electrical engineer – installation of electricity and lighting
v. Resource manager – management of the labor personnel
vi. Accounting manager – counterchecking the financial processes
vii. Project sponsor – enhance the availability of finance
viii. Government regulatory personnel – check the standards of the interior structural designing
ix. Project consultant – evaluate the effectiveness of construction procedures

High-Level Project Assumptions The establishment of the coffee business will involve the assessment and utilization of the structural design that would accommodate for more than 60 customers at a single sitting.
Some of the project assumptions will include;
i. Budget – estimated costs of the project. The costs will remain the same or would be lesser.
ii. Finances – the finances provided by the sponsors will remain the same or lesser
iii. Scope – the scope of the project will not change once the stakeholders sign the commencement of the project.
iv. Resources – the costs and availability of the project resources will be attained as planned
v. Schedule – the tasks, durations, timeline, and dependencies will flow according to the projects’ plan for the three months
vi. Architecture and design – the project will maintain the designed process until its completion
vii. Technology – the project aims at utilizing the modern restaurant facility design technology
viii. Methodology – the project will have a unique method aimed at improving the completion of setting the new structural design of a coffee shop.

High-Level Project Constraints The project of redefining and setting a structural coffee shop facility will be faced with challenges that will affect the completion of the project.
Some of the project constraints will involve;
i. Time – the projected period of the completion of the project is three months and failure to that would affect the projects functionality
ii. Costs – any additional cost will affect the project’s purpose
iii. Scope – failures and delays will affect the project
iv. Quality – the coffee shop facilities should maintain high quality
v. Risks – assessment of risks will be vital for the completion of the project
vi. Resources – unavailability of costs and resources will affect the project’s success
vii. Sustainability – the coffee shop structures should sustain the goals of the project
viii. Customer satisfaction – the coffee shop should promote organizational performance in helping the company in serving the purpose of customers
ix. Benefits – the project aims at improving the design structure that will be unique and substantial in serving multiple varieties and high rates of customers.

Exclusions and Boundaries The project incorporates the essential practices and items that would be vital in the completion of the redesigning of a modern interior of a coffee shop. However, the project details do not include other items such as;
i. Insurance for constructors’ risks
ii. Commercial general liabilities
iii. Transportation of construction workers to and fro the sites
iv. Pollution and noise liabilities
v. Errors and omissions
vi. Environmental pollution expenses
vii. Contractors’ employment practices
viii. Damage of interior design materials
ix. Hazardous materials
x. Vehicles liabilities
xi. Indemnification
xii. Normal utility expenses
xiii. Manufacturer system warranties
xiv. Materials price changes

Major Risks The development and establishment of the project will involve procedures and processes that are vital in the completion of the plan. However, the project will be faced with various risks that would affect the completion of the interior design completion within the timeframe. For example, the risks will include;
i. Safety and hazard when handling and using the construction materials
ii. The management of change orders
iii. Site conditions
iv. Poorly written contracts
v. Increase of material costs
vi. Labor shortages
vii. Workers turnover
viii. Weather changes
ix. Natural disasters
x. Availability of construction materials
xi. Poor project management
xii. Problems with suppliers and subcontractors
xiii. Poorly defined project scope
xiv. Poor budgeting leading to inflation of costs
xv. Completion date lateness
xvi. Poor safety management details
xvii. Customers ability to pay for the goods and services

Work Breakdown Structure for the establishment of the coffee shop will incorporate procedures that are essential in project completion. The procedures will involve;
Project: Establishment of a coffee shop business
– 1.0 Project Management
– 2.0 Structural Work
• 2.1 Site structural works
• 2.2 Wall and roofing designing
• 2.3 Sitting arrangements and designing
– 3.0 Electrical Work
• 3.1 Electricity installation
– 3.1.1 Electric meter installation
– 3.1.2 Installation of circuits and lighting
• 3.2 Run wiring
• 3.3 Install outlets and ceiling lights
– 3.4.1 Install GFI outlets
– 3.4.2 Install track lighting opposite window
– 3.4.3 Test
– 4.0 Painting of the exterior buildings
– 5.0 Flooring the buildings
– 6.0 Construction inspection



Jerry Lawson – Project Manager
Sara Jenkins – Procurement Manager
Melissa Grant – Construction Supervisor
Mike Green – Electrical Engineer
Michael Ray – Resource Manager
Charles Keter – Accounting Manager
Erick Trippier – Project Sponsor
Diego Caleb – Project Consultant
John De Cobol – Vendor representative
Project Core Team Jerry Lawson
Sara Jenkins
Melissa Grant
Mike Green
Michael Ray
Erick Trippier
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) The project will run and be managed by individuals with expertise in construction and interior design engineering. The government representative in engineering and inspection will cater to the needs of SMEs. Aaron Keenan and Martin McMahan will represent the project as experts in construction engineering.

Type Name Signature Date
Project Manager Approval
Jerry Lawson
Customer/Sponsor Approval
Edgar McCray & Monica Stephaney

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