Problem and Purpose Statement Constructing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): Control and Vision Challenges The employment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have today become a major breakthrough in technological advancement thereby ensuring the acceptance of the technological trend. Their multifaceted nature has ensured their utilization in many fields of human accomplishment not excluding agriculture, land construction and survey, traffic surveillance, weather monitoring to mention but a few. Recently however, the technological designs as well as navigations of these devices coupled with an intentional effort at achieving an optimal result has enabled landmarks to be achieved, the extensive nature of computer vision and control manoeuvres however pose a couple of challenges. Because of illumination and motion of captured objects, there is a serious limitation to the fine-tuning of the vision of UAV’s, the absence of scaling as well as distance information, and the most demanding of all, captured both by available literature and empirical application is the avoidance of obstacles. The project therefore focuses on the evaluation of several vision techniques that might enhance the vision projector and flight pattern techniques for the UAV on employing practical technological solutions while focusing on a particular type of UAV’s. The project shall also place emphasis on the integration of the flight patterns and binary restrictions from obstacles encountered.

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