New Balance is foot wear company which focus on providing the best shoe products to its customers. The Email marketing platform allows the customers to sign up and get updates on new arrivals and other offers of the company. It is relatively easy for the customer to sign up. Crating an account allows the customer to communicate directly with the company and receive regular updates concerning shopping, and new products. The email marketing platform is good and effective as it allows the company to have personalized interaction, and personalized advertising. It allows the company to target specific products to certain customers. It allows the company to tailor the products according the customers preferences.
New balance digital marketing presence is significant. It has a company website, social media pages, Tv/radio broadcasting and using important influential people to market their products. The company has strong digital marketing strategy which focuses on reaching its customers through the various forms of media. Also, using influencers who have huge following in their platforms is an important marketing strategy and it is innovative fort he company to utilize these influential people for marketing purposes. The company has a YouTube platform. However, I recommend that the compony improves its YouTube channel as it has the potential for attracting more customers as it allows for visual explanations. Also, the company has strengthened its partnership with influencers who have the potential to influence huge numbers to buy their products. Uncovering the potential of influencers is significant. Their huge following and ability to influence their audience is an opportunity for the company to exploit.

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