Migrant children face unique challenges due to their status as foreigners. They experience school disruptions due to their family mobility. Migrant families change locations forcing their children to change schools constantly. They also face language barriers as they struggle to understand English. They also face social isolation due to their status as foreigners and financial challenges, isolating them from the community.
The state and school districts have implemented specific measures to target migrant children who frequently have school disruptions and difficulty relating with their peers due to their status and identity as migrants. The policy measures intended to increase opportunities for migrant children, such as sponsorships and other measures to improve access and close the educational gap between their non-migrant peers. Teachers have a significant role to play in improving the lives of migrant children and their families. They can provide special education programs for migrant children and organize fundraising activities to support the families of the migrants. Teachers also help integrate the migrant children with their nonmigrant peers.

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