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                              Memorable day of my life

Many event happens to my life but I tend to forget all of them and I don’t take them to consideration. I would get betrayed by friends, being thrown out class because of being late or just upsetting my mother by being naughty and she would really punish me very badly including throwing me out of the house but I would end up forgetting all that because they are just minor events in my life. Memorable day in my life is an event that happen and I will never forget even in my death bed. That day is the day I gave birth to my bouncy baby girl.

Having gotten pregnant when am till young was really worrying to me and it came with a lot of questions like how is the feeling? How will I take care of my baby. Generally I was very scared for my life and the human being growing inside me. The first day the doctor broke the news to me and congratulated me, that is when I felt my world crumble. How was I going to take care of another human being when I cannot take fully care of myself. A lot of question came flooding to me. How I was wondering how I will break the news to my parents and what would be their reaction. I have never wanted to disappoint my parents. I wanted to be a good girl finish college and start a good life with a stable family.

I went home and the way my mother welcomed me I just felt guilty and wondered how I will talk to her. She is the closest person to me and I wondered how disappointed she will. I was really low mood by the time I was in the house. We talked like nothing happened and mothers as always with their extra sense, she immediately asked me what would be wrong with me. She talked to me nicely in an empathetic voice as if she already knows my problem.

Four weeks passed and I found I would get tired all over sudden, vomit frequently and this made me feel withdrawn in my life, I would find myself just stare into space for a very long time. I would find myself seated somewhere for very long hours. This alerted my mother and she kept spying on me. I felt really weak, I even had no energy left for me leave alone for my baby. I had no knowledge of how to take care as a pregnant lady, what to do, what to eat, I even did not know that I had to see the doctor.

One day as our family routine we take supper together at 8 pm when everyone is around. I usually avoid eating at the dining table at this critical stage that  I detest every smell of the cooked food. I have became choosy and find myself eating funny food. When everyone was busy talking their supper, I even didn’t see it coming my father just ask me what is wrong with me and I have been really weak and pale of late. I told him I am just fine and I am being stressed because of the upcoming exams. He then suggested for me to go to the hospital tomorrow then I was a bit reluctant and he immediately took his phoned the family doctor.  Got really scared by I had to compose myself. The doctor came examined me but at the end the news had to be broken to the family. My family were disappointed but they had no option but to support me out of this.

The nine months flew really quickly and I found myself one day at night writhing in pain. The most scared moment of my life has just come and the pain that I was feeling was unexplainable.  Nobody was around at that time, I pushed myself, reached for my phone and called my mother. She can rushing as if I was dying. She called my dad because she was also in a confused state and my dad came and they took me to the hospital. It was not the best experience since I was really in pain. It would elapse 10 minutes and my pain would keep coming back. By the time I got to the hospital my water had broken and I thought I was ready to give birth.

The nurse on duty admitted me and she checked me if was ready to give birth, but to my surprise and the pain I was dilated 3cm. I had to move around in order to fully dilated. My mother kept me company and every time I was in pain she would rub my back gently. I only wished that the baby would come out quickly. I could not even bare the pain I was feeling and I would find myself lying flat on the floor. I kept asking myself when I would give birth and get over with the slavery.

At 12 am the pain came in forcefully, I thought I was going to die. I screamed at the top of my voice until I awaken my mother and the next thing I knew is that I was being wheeled to the labor ward. I had to psych myself up because it was either I came there with a baby or both of us lose our lives. Everything was now in my hands. The doctor kept telling me to push really hard because I had the urge to. Within five minutes of struggle I heard the first cry of my baby and the doctor told me I had given birth to a girl. I immediately forgot the pain I had experienced not long ago when I saw my baby for the first time. She had her father’s eyes something that made me to love her more.

Having being a first time mother not only gave me an experience I have never experienced but taught me a lot of things. Having gone through that, not only did it became my memorable day but it is a day that I will never forget. I experienced new beginning and it came with a lot of learning as well. When today I look at my daughter I feel good and really proud of having gone through that to deliver beautiful girl.

Kendal Buckingham

456 Palm Bay Florida, 32905

8 September 2019

I am writing to just bring small complain to you table. I relocated to this estate because I was attracted to the ample parking space it had and the field that my child and her friends would play around when she becomes of age. This made me feel secure and happy of the cool environment the house I was relocating into had, but suddenly out of nowhere I wake up one day and I found out that you want to build an eatery just next to my house.

I am not saying it is a bad idea but you will occupy my space with your project. First of all there will be no parking space it the estate, the playground for the kids will be occupied and to worsen the situation this is an estate bring an eatery here will really affect our lives by polluting the peaceful environment we live in. first your business will attract a lot of people in this area which we don’t know if they are dangerous and it will lead to insecurity.

I am taking this opportunity to write to let you know to reconsider your decision. We will give you a time span of two weeks to rectify your mistakes or we will inform the ministry of housing of how cruel you are into wanting to start a business in between estates where people live. We will also join hands as tenants here make a demonstration and demolish your business.

I hope this is not what you want to happen, we don’t want to use force on you but as good people we are writing to inform you to take immediate action or face the consequences. We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing changes here.

Yours sincerely,

Kendal Buckingham.

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