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Masseuse on the Move

Company Overview

Masseuse on the Move will be a licensed massage therapy clinic in Ellensburg, WA. As the name suggests, the clinic will be a moving clinic that travels to several locations within and without Ellensburg to help improve or maintain health. This business is intended to provide professional therapeutic massage to cater to pregnant women, newly born babies, and their mothers. Neonatal massage, although available, is often ignored. In addition, the company will sell products such as oils and lotions to our clients. Therefore, apart from providing these services, Masseuse on the Move would be beneficial, especially because the mother and baby must not come to us. Instead, the clinic will be at their call. It is equally a good business because it specializes only in the mother and child, therefore, paying more attention to ensure the best delivery of services to these very special group of people. We intend to provide effective and mindful massage therapy while respectful of our client’s boundaries to promote a relaxing and energizing experience for both the mother, baby, and service provider.

The business is intended to be a sole proprietorship owned by Michelle Hopkins, a specialized pediatrician and licensed massage therapist. He has been in the industry for more than ten years, working under one of the major hospitals in the city. Michelle is adept in maternal and child health and tailoring different massage preferences and needs to clients. Therefore, Michael has decided to open his massage therapy clinic, focusing on mothers and their neonates, out of a passion for serving their exceptional therapy needs. In addition, the business will also make profits through the provision of unparalleled therapy services. Michelle will act as the General Manager of Masseuse on the Move and will manage the company’s overall operations. Michelle knows every aspect of opening a business due to her extensive experience in this industry. The company will also hire other staff, including an accountant to maintain financial records, a sales executive in charge of discovering new ventures and marketing, two additional trained massage therapists to provide specialized massage services to mothers, and three specialized massage therapists to deal with children. The company will also hire three cleaners to assist with everyday cleaning operations, an inventory manager to procure and manage stock needed, two drivers for transportation services, two technical assistants to manage the clinic’s social media accounts and web pages, and another one to receive calls and make reservations. Strict testing procedures will be followed before hiring any professionals, and a one-month training will be offered under the direct supervision of a qualified trainer and Michele herself. This will ensure that the employees provide the highest quality and professional massage therapy services to the clients.


            Masseuse on the move Clinic will provide massage services to mothers and newly born infants. Infants need therapeutic massages to promote their social, cognitive, and emotional well-being, release tension, reduce colic, gas, and intestinal problems, and reduce excessive crying and irritability by promoting relaxation. Many mothers also go for massages before delivery and rarely after birth. Yet, massage after birth would help them cope with post-partum stress. Therefore, the clinic will provide prenatal, neonatal, and postnatal massage services. The clinic will operate every day of the week between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. The main competitors in this business would be the facilities that offer prenatal massage, including Melrose Massage and Ellensburg Chiropractic, which provide pregnancy massage.

Masseuse on the Move SWOT analysis


  • Highly-knowledgeable owner
  • Limited competition in Neonatal and Postnatal Massage
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Highly visible App and website


  • Limited startup capital
  • Increased transport costs
  • Limited pricing flexibility
  • Similar services from competitors


  • Ability to acquire more rounds of capital
  • Neonatal massage services
  • Business partnerships within the area
  • Stock organic oils, lotions, and products


  • Physical massage clinics
  • Established massage centers beginning to offer mobile services
  • Discounting by established competitors

Melrose Massage SWOT Analysis


  • Physical massage center
  • Several types of massage options
  • Highly-trained and knowledgeable owner
  • Uses high-quality organic oils and lotions (Services — Melrose Massage”, 2022)


  • Mobile services are unavailable


  • Can easily pick up mobile service because it is already established
  • Selling organic products


  • Many other massage clinics in the area
  • Market changes
  • Rise of mobile services
  • New competitors emerging

Ellensburg Chiropractic


  • Well-trained and expertise staff
  • Use specific adjusting equipment beneficial for patients suffering from various conditions and of all ages (“Ellensburg Chiropractic – A Well-Adjusted & Trusted Practice,” 2022)
  • Physical clinic
  • Diverse chiropractic and massage therapy options


  • Mobile services are unavailable
  • Slow to comply with changes in regulations


  • Can easily provide mobile home services
  • Role in medical patient-centered home care


  • New competitors emerging
  • New laws and regulations
  • Many other massage clinics in the area

Target Market

Masseuse on the Move targets the residential community in Ellensburg and its nearby surroundings. The business mainly targets pregnant mothers, newborns born infants, and mothers who have just recently delivered. This community consists of people from different backgrounds. About 20 679 people reside in Ellensburg, whose median age is 24.4. There are 50.92% females and 49.08% males. There are about 8359 households, where about 18.2% of them have children while 81.8% do not have children. In terms of financial position, the average annual income is $5 462, while the median is $43 567 per year (“Ellensburg, WA Household Income, Population & Demographics | Point2”, 2022). An efficient and successful marketing strategy will be developed after identifying the businesses’ potential customers. However, the target audience likely to become our potential customers is expectant mothers, newborn infants, and their mothers.


Strategy and Implementation

There are more than 70 massage therapists in Ellensburg out of the more than 300 000 in the United States. These numbers continue to increase. Therefore, to excel and survive in this competitive market, a new startup must have an advantage over the many similar businesses within the locality. Therefore, MasseuseMasseuse on the Move’s biggest competitive advantage will be the unparalleled, high-quality services. The smells, oils, sounds, and environment lighting, together with the emotional presence of our therapists, will ensure the best possible experiences for mother and child. Equally, the well-trained and groomed staff in every aspect of therapy will provide exceptional service to ensure customers are retained by providing them with the most pleasurable experiences. The supplies used will be of the best quality and adjustable according to customer preferences. In addition, we are thinking of an App that allows our customers to book, pay and interact with us with ease which gives us an extreme advantage over the many centers. Lastly, Masseuse on the Move offers home, office, or wherever services, giving us an upper hand over many other competitors.

After a detailed analysis, we will advertise and sell our services through a large social media campaign, through information sessions and seminars to educate the public about the benefits of our services, and offer a 15% discount on every service for the first month of launching. As for our service pricing, the massages will be priced based on the time taken. For example, the clients may choose from a 30-minute massage costing $65, 45 minutes at $85, or 75 minutes at $130. Of course, the times will be different for the infants where the massages will be shorter but, as a general rule, pricier (about 15% more) because of the delicateness involved.

Financial plan

Profit and Loss statements for five years

 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Services$ 308, 000$ 350, 900$ 412, 123$ 499, 999$ 600, 021
Sales$ 14, 200$ 18, 120$ 22, 212$ 27, 201$ 33, 444
Total Sales$ 14, 200$ 18, 120$ 22, 212$ 27, 201$ 33, 444
Gross Margin293, 800332, 780389, 911472, 798566, 577
Advertising$ 2,100$2, 999$3, 500$4, 001$ 4,500
Trainings and Seminars$ 1,800$ 2,050$ 2,150$2,550$ 2,910
Repairs and Maintenance$ 1000$2, 900$ 3,000$3, 200$ 3, 300
Rent$ 2,000$ 2,800$ 4,000$ 6,500$ 7, 800
Oncosts and Wages$128,036






$191, 550$205, 400
Utilities$ 4, 100$ 4, 210$ 4, 400$ 4, 550$4, 700










Total Operating Expenses$139, 036$172, 647$204, 800$ 212351$228,610

From the total operating expenses, it will be possible to determine the profits before taxes and interests, the interest expense, and the taxes incurred. Hence, the net profit can be determined. Expenditures incurred will be deducted from the profits and any other liability repayments to determine the net cash flow and balance.

Revenue Forecast

The number of workers will determine revenue from the staff, the number of working hours, and the number of days worked in a week. At an hourly rate of $130 with six workers in the first year, for 11 hours every seven days of the week for 52 weeks in a year, this totals $3,123,120 per year.

Budget for five years

Masseuse on the Move is a new venture. However, the business is majorly mobile hence cutting down on the high cost of setting up a center. However, there will be a need for a rented space for storing equipment. In addition. Legal documents and insurance must be obtained, which take up most of the expenses. In the first year, they will be more expensive to obtain, but the only renewal will be required through the years, cutting down on the costs. Further, equipment purchase may equally be expensive in the first year, while consultation may be less required as Michele is knowledgeable in this field.

Start-up Cost
Legal Processes$55,300
Total Start-up Cost$212,500



Masseuse on the Move will be a licensed massage clinic in Ellensburg. It will be a sole-proprietorship operation owned by Michele Hopkins. The clinic will be a moving clinic that offers professional therapeutic massage to pregnant women, newly born babies, and mothers. In addition, the company will sell products such as oils and lotions to its clients. Michelle will be the acting General Manager of the company and will manage the company’s overall operations. The company will also hire and train other staff whose duties will be specified accordingly. The company’s biggest competitive advantage will be the quality services provided by adequately-trained staff, smells, oils, sounds, environment lighting, and the emotional presence of therapists for mother and child. The company will advertise and sell its services through a large social media campaign, public information sessions, and seminars. It will offer a 15% discount on every service for the first month of launching. After that, services will be priced based on the time taken. However, generally, the charges for infant massages will be higher than those for the mothers.






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