Cougar Cady & Cookies Factory
21st September, 2019

Ms, Jane Cavity
Cavity Sweet Shop
P.O Box 871 St, Patrick Street.

Dear Ms. Cavity

Ref: Responding to an email

I have received your email on a complaint about the old product deliver on 21st
February. It is my first time to receive a complaint from the customer concerning early stock
delivery. I noticed that you were packed for the old stock of cookies by mistake; the old stock
was waiting for disposal.
Since you are my valued customer, we cannot refute any mistake made by our packing
team. As a large concern in the community and our country as a whole, for a sudden mistake
not to occur, we have to maintain quality every day. The money that you used to pay the
goods will be refunded back, and we will grant you a replacement order for your four leaves
of covers for 50 percent off if you are still interested.
In addition, we will offer you a 30% discount on my new business and grant you
express transport in everything. My authorized team will collect the old stock that was
packed to you on 25th September, 2019. Kindly confirm the arrival of goods, I have sent
received your email of the complaints that happened on 21st February about old product
delivery. It is probably my first time I have received a complaint from a customer regarding
old stock delivery. I noticed

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