How is space used in the film?
In the hotel, people are stranded. It is occupied by British travelers, moreso, a new couple, a gloomy minister and his slightly agitated wife, who aren’t fun and who have a secret that only diverts our attention from the whereabouts of the Old Lady.
How are objects used in the film?
The noise of the train makes it hard for the travelers to listen to each other hence shouting on top of their voices to pass information and making greater efforts to listen keenly. The spinning wheels symbolled the moving of the train. Guns being fired symbolized conflict, war and death. Drugs were used as method of putting Gilbert and Iris to sleep.
Explain the use of double or doppelganger in the film?
The double was used to cover up Miss Froy’s disappearance and do away with her search too. That is why after Miss Froy’s disappearance in the train, Madam Kummer dresses exactly like her hence taking up after her. Additionally, when Miss Froy is freed by both Gilbert and Iris, one of the conspirators is put in her place.
What is the ‘MacGuffin’ here; how is it used?
MacGuffin is the thing that everybody wants in the film which is to find Miss Froy. Thus, MacGuffin was used in the form of Miss Froy, an old intrepid woman spy (British Agent) who disappears in the train. Also the cricket match was a MacGuffin since the British characters would not forego in search of Miss Froy. Lastly, the music tune which contained a certain message that Miss Froy really needed to deliver to the Foreign Office in Whitehall. The ministers and other characters really needed to hear the message.
Does the film have a political or ideological position?
Actually yes, the presence of the lawyer named Todhunter, soldiers awaiting for the train at a branch line, Gilbert and Iris knocking down the uniformed police and taking his gun, a soldier firing and wounding charters, ministers listening to Miss Froy play the music tune and lastly, Miss Froy being a British agent.

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