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Although I have had a close understanding of what nursing entails from a close relatives, my understanding of the nursing practice was totally different as I viewed it in a perspective of a typical patient( Johnstone & Facn, 2019). . Like others, I believed the practice was associated with patient care, vital symptoms, and having sleepless nights at the health care facilities. However, from an experience through the services I had received earlier while being attend by nurses, I could see how compassionate, empathetic, patient, and sensitive they were. Therefore, despite having some major differences on how nurses operate, still there are some main similarities on what entails nursing in today’s world. This paper will compare and contrast major what my thought about nursing was and what really entails nursing practice.
My understanding of nursing was based on traditional practices where nurses we’re believed to treat all types of patients with different medical conditions, ethnicities, beliefs, social status, and backgrounds. I believed that they were the only ones who could give necessary prescription and they only majored with healing illnesses. Their profession did not cover anything beyond physical services. However, today, nursing practice involve nurses being glued to a patient’s health care journey until they fully recover. This not only involves provision of medication and diagnosis but also emotional support which involves compassion, sensitivity, patience, and empathy. Traditionally, what I used to think of nursing as a practice, was only provision of services like diagnosis, performing surgery, consultation, and giving medication. Emotional support, I believed to be the responsibility of close relative to the patient. My understanding reflected on view of nursing as just another career field where the goal is to give physical services. However, the nursing industry can be termed as both science and art; or else a mind and a heart. At it’s heart, there lie an important respect for an intuition for needs of a patient and the human dignity. Here, the support comes from the mind which is in form of rigorous core learning. Nurses get particular expertise, passions, and strengths because of the vast range of complex skills and specialists in the nursing profession. However, there are ethos which unify nurses. When they are assessing a patient, nurses do not usually consider test results. I understand that through the critical thinking that has been exemplified in the process of nursing, the nurses apply their judgement to integrate objective data through their subjective experience of their patient’s behavioral, physical, and biological needs. This common act make every patient whether in community health center, city hospital, summer camp, or state prison receive the right care regardless of where, or who they might be.
Although there are major differences from my previous understanding of nursing, similarly, there exists some comparisons which are alike with the current nursing practice. When it comes to practicing, no matter the specialty or field they are operating from, all nurses apply

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