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IT 145 Global Rain Summary Report Template


Place your pseudocode, flowchart, and explanation in the following sections. Before you submit your report, remove all bracketed text.


When you are done implementing the Pet class, refer back to the Pet BAG Specification Document and select either the pet check in or check out method. These methods are detailed in the Functionality section of the specification document.

Write pseudocode that lays out a plan for the method you chose, ensuring that you organize each step in a logical manner. Remember, you will not be creating the actual code for the method. You do not have to write pseudocode for both methods. Your pseudocode must not exceed one page.

[Type or copy your pseudocode here.]


Based on the pseudocode you wrote, create a flowchart using a tool of your choice for the method you selected. In your flowchart, be sure to include start and end points and appropriate decision branching, and align the flowchart to the check in or check out process. Your flowchart must be confined to one page.

[Insert your flowchart image here. Refer to the Project One Supporting Materials for tool options to create your flowchart and support for copying images into this template.]

OOP Principles Explanation

Briefly explain how you applied object-oriented programming principles and concepts (such as encapsulation, inheritance, and so on) in your software development work thus far. Your explanation should be one paragraph, or four to six sentences.

[Type your explanation here.]

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