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Information management is crucial for the success of any organization as it is the cycle that serves a significant role in supporting an organization’s learning activities. Information management entails the collection of information, storing, retrieving information, and using the same. This discussion focuses on the organization’s policies and procedures relating to records, customer service, and commercial confidentiality. Moreover, the study highlights the standards which are crucial not only in privacy but also in freedom of information. The discussion offers an excellent example of the Coca-Cola Company by highlighting its information systems, operations, and data.
All users of the information system must be trained according to their duties. The organizations’ personnel and the stakeholders require training to use the systems effectively. Practice varies depending on one’s experience, the position they hold in the organization, duties, among others. Records for the training of all staff are stored as they documented dates when the training occurred, areas of further practice, among other essential details. One uses the training records to assess whether an individual requires more training or determining the training an individual to possess instead of asking them directly. Customer service is primal to any organization, and hence, the financial records and personal details are secured. Customers can also be trained to use the system when a need arises (Nguyen et al, 2015). An organization upholds the legislative regulations which have been set relating to information privacy. An organization must ensure that the right information is put into the system. Moreover, it is up to the organization to remove obsolete, misleading, and irrelevant data from the system to enhance the sharing of the right information.
There are legislations and national standards which are relevant to the information privacy and freedom of information. One ought to make a description if there are restrictions that curtail the transfer of personal information to various jurisdictions. Freedom to access data and information is guaranteed in many states globally (Nguyen et al, 2015). Moreover, data consumers have the right to rectify any errors that may be present in their data. Furthermore, one has the freedom to delete information that they deem fit at their own will. Also, data consumers have the liberty to file their complaints about data violation malpractices to various data regulatory authorities.
Coca-Cola Company is one of the most renowned beverage producing organizations globally. Coca-Cola companies collect data on their raw materials scientifically from each company and then submitted to a central point for analysis. The company has a data center that has robust servers where information is stored. Coca-Cola utilizes a 10GB Ethernet network connection, which has played a significant role in minimizing the time required in retrieving data from their systems (Ransbotham, 2015). Information is synthesized in spreadsheets. The company cares for its customers in a professional manner such that one can return products they ordered if found defective. Customer service is made more efficient using their website where they respond even to the small queries from clients. This giant beverage company has been able to apply information systems to manage its activities. As a result, they have been able to maintain existing customers and attract more. In conclusion, organization policies govern data privacy, records and information management, and customer service as well. Data consumers have the right to delete information or complain about the same. Coca-Cola is an excellent example of massive organizations which has utilized information systems to reap huge profits.

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