Target audience
The movie Independence Day of 1996, was done with the American citizens in mind, as well as the entire human race. The film does focus on the aliens that come to the face of the earth to destroy the major cities and annihilate the human race. The film has an extremely close co-relation to the 4th of July Independence Day that is celebrated by the people of America every year. It was also made as the directors wanted to prove a point due to them not finding real expression in previous movies. The duo entailing the director Roland Emmerich and the co-writer Dean Delvin was at the helm of the creation of this movie.
It stands as a science fiction film maintaining a hostile alien takeover of Earth. This invasion occurs even as a group of individuals together with their families do come together in the Nevada desert in partnership with the rest of the human race. This convergence is in retaliation to take back control of earth by the entire human race as a last chance for the human race to fight for its independence, falling on the Independence similar to that of the United States. The movie had much anticipation as it had much anticipation to be released on the 3rd of July 1996, but with the immense awaiting, some cinemas began a day earlier on the 2nd of July evening of 1996.
The epic films do put into play, a very strange phenomenon of an alien mother ship that enters the earth’s atmosphere, bringing earth into an utter state of confusion. The theme as originally thought on does focus on the objectivity of oneness of the humans into one force. This is one of the main reasons that did boost the sale of the movie set a new precedence in the movie industry. The achievement of the extreme success of the movie did put in place new methodologies in the film business, and that entailed trying to fully capture the imagination of the audience with visuals, more than just a good storyline here and there in follow up move releases.
Scene arrangement
Scenes in the movie are arranged sequentially to try and explain how a logical attack would occur, and the protocols that could have been engaged in the process. The first scene entails an alien mother ship around over 550 kilometers appearing in the sky entering the earth’s orbit. As mind bogging at this is, the massive ship paints the picture of a ship of the vast site that fills up the region, showcasing an entry by something that for the first time is initially hard for humanity to fully grasp. Several other flying alien ships are released strategically over several key cities of the earth including Washington, New York, Moscow, and Los Angeles.
During this initial invasion phase, there is an MIT graduate David Levinson who believes that he has uncovered the plot of this alien invasion from data he gets and this prompts him to immediate action. David at the time is seen to be working for a New York cable company on satellites and discovers a much hidden alien signal and his interpretation of the signal is that it is a code for the process of invasion by the aliens on earth. This signal makes him so paranoid that he tries to immediately find a way of getting it to the relevant authorities with the help of his ex-wife Spano Constance his father Julius and David who works in the White House. The goal is to get the president of America to have a view of this as he might be in a position to help save humanity.
David Levinson and the team barely make it out alive of the White House as the aliens do attack in advance and the mass evacuations directed by President Thomas Whitmore are cut shot. The early invasion brings Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C to its knees. As on the 3rd of July in the movie, the United States helps to launch an attack that is very much coordinated. A counterattack is what the scene is representative of. The counter-attack is inclusive of the Black Knights, who are engaged in the assault that targets the alien destroyer. Failure is what ensues leading to the release of numerous smaller destroyer attack ships, and a chase ensues with Captain Steven Hiller evades the line of fire luring the chasing alien ship to the Grand Canyon. He does eject from the jet and the maneuver makes the alien ship crash land. He follows up to where the crash has happened and he confronts a bizarre creature having tentacles knocking it out cold, and sarcastically welcomes it to Earth as he smokes his victory cigar.
Scenes aboard Air Force one, having the president consulting his staff with them reporting that NORAD did indeed get destroyed, having the Joint Chief of Staff, the Vice President and all the entire cabinet all perished. The tension surrounding this scene is one of great uncertainty as President Whitmore tries to tell Julius who insists that the government knew about prior visitation at Area 51. This scene is descriptive of the tag of war ensuing at the help of the only place that seems to hold the hope of humanity. The rationale on this scene does put those watching at a juxtaposed position wondering who has the right information, and if so why does the president seem to be in a way unaware or is hiding the fact. Who is to blame for the lapse of judgment?
Hiller does head back with the alien that he did capture at the Grand Canyon, dragging it with no remorse and Okun removes the mask of this captured alien. The surrounding tension is evident, but it regains consciousness killing those on sight and using Dr. Okun’s voice directing it to President Whitmore. This is the first interaction at face value since the attack and it puts into perspective what the human race is combating. The tension in this scene can be cut by a knife as the questioning begins with President Whitmore the alien creature is they can coexist in peace, and the answer is that it wants the human race to die. Abrupt change happens as it telepathically influences the president’s mind leading to the military personnel shooting it thorough the armored glass. Major Mitchell does deliver the last headshot to calm the situation, and on the other side leaving Dr. Okun in a comma.
Via the brief interaction, President Whitmore was able to get a glimpse of the imminent danger that Earth is under. The goals of the aliens were to kill every indigenous life form, utilize all the available resources and later move on leaving disarray of destruction behind. This scenario makes him see it fit to use nuclear force against the aliens. Bombers of the B-2 type are released but find it difficult to penetrate the field force around the ship, leading to the destruction of the city, making them get recalled back. Coincidentally Hiller’s girlfriend rescues the First Lady, and together with Jasmine’s son Dylan, they are rescued and flown to Area 51, where Mrs. Whitmore succumbs to her internal injuries.
David has an episode in the hanger making a mess in his drunk state, and his father Julius informs him that he has been sloppy in following his Judaism faith, and the ensuing effect is that he gets an epiphany which assists in his explanation on how the force field works. The plan of introducing the virus to the mother ship is created, and volunteers including the President get in line. The chaos that follows, is an explosive battle that leads to the narrow escape of Hiller and Levison, as the nuclear bomb explodes inside the mother ship, crash landing at Area 51. Their emergence signifies victory as people await them as they witness the falling debris from the skies like shooting stars enter into the Earth’s atmosphere, after completion of the kamikaze attack.
Humanity, at last, is saved, even though it takes the lives of millions of people, plus the courageous fighters against the common enemy victory are returned to earth. There is still hope for the entire human race after all. The scenes in the Independence Day movie of 1996, as per the time, were greatly made. Activation of extreme moving parts had never gotten done in such away. It was very ambitious in a way, but at the end of the day, did put the point across, that in the face of adversity, human beings can put off their differences, find a common goal and achieve that goal together as one. The dialogues in the movie were epic, although it left room for improvement in certain scenes such as the Area 51 attack, the force field attack, and the engagement of the alien creatures.

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