I Want a Wife by Judy Syfers Brady

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I Want a Wife by Judy Syfers Brady
For years the issue of women’s representation and gender equality has been hitting the headlines on news articles. For years, women have been striving for equality by joining thousands of women on the street to demonstrate gender equality and overcome the bondage of suffrage in marriages. This story indicates the effort of women trying to fight for their rights to enhance equal treatment and overcome the issue of slavery marriages caused by old cultural norms that women should do all the house chores, buy glossaries, take care of the kids as well as their husbands physical and emotional needs (Brady para 3). The story of Why I Want a Wife is significant as it demonstrates the modern woman movements and the struggle for equal treatment and overcoming the cultural impact that put them in the bondage of modern slavery. Although I Want a Wife is all about women and freeing themselves from the bondage of suffering and what they term as wrongdoing and belonging under the powers of Man, it is vital as it discusses the importance of overcoming all the norms that mistreat women to overcome marriage slavery.
Self-centered thoughts are the leading cause of slavery marriages. The legal direction is needed to force men in this digital age to understand the meaning of women in marriage and overcome the issue of cultural impact (Brady para. 4). This essay intends to indicate the importance of structure for the fundamental role of women by describing the extensive list of duties of a wife that will demonstrate the reality of the fact that wives are being mistreated. Furthermore, women deal with taking care of children, keeping the house clean, taking care of the physical needs of the husband, as well the necessary grocery shopping that is considered a feminist role which should not be the case. Besides, Brady tries to provide a compelling demonstration of society’s realistic expectations and to create a new view of society that helps change people’s perspectives and the role that every family member should play (Trimble). At the same time, I have learned a lot from this essay. It critically emphasizes women and husbands’ reception with a positive outcome to deliver their wives from the bondage of slavery marriages.
Women should be treated with respect. For years the issue of slavery marriage has been affecting our society. Judy Brady tries to create a new way of overcoming slavery marriages by breaking the bond that inhibits men from taking part in feminist criticisms that women should take care of kids, do all the house chores, cook, wash clothes and utensils as well as being housewives. Judy’s ideas relate to the coursework as it deals with unfair practices, showing Judy’s creativity in writing by representing women in an essay that aimed at saving women from the bondage of suffering in marriages (Trimble). Brady’s essay also consists of an analysis on the perspective that provides possible interruption that directly relates to the coursework on writing with style in the critical analysis and a quotation portrayed all over in this work. At the same time, the essentials a shift in culture to overcome the issue of women suffrage in marriages and to break the bond of modern slavery in marriages. The taboo of breaking humor has been used to analyze the perspective of possible interpretation of features and the background of linguistic features that constitute a hint of worldview on marriages. Women are mistreated in marriages, and there is a need for change. The importance of discussing this essay is finding a long-lasting solution to the issue of feminism mistreatment and getting rid of the housewife idea that most men have been used to for a while now (Brady para. 5). From the story, I Want a Wife, Judy indicates that men are arrogant and self-centered by forcing their wives to take care of all their physical needs while seated as the kings of the house.
Judy wants to free up women from acting like slaves where they have to perform all the roles. At the same time, their men are just seated, waiting to be given everything they need. For a while, women have been taken for granted, most appealing as housewives. Their rights have been mistreated through the denial of rights for education seeking job opportunities, among others. To be realistic, women need to roar out this issue and present their issues on the table to be treated equally as men even though they should respect their husbands (Brady para. 5). Furthermore, the issue of housewives should come to an end where women will be respected and allowed to prosper in life just as men. This needs an initiative that will enhance cultural tolerance that supports husbands to be self-centered and mistreat their wives by letting them do everything while seated and relaxed. Issues like doing groceries, going shopping, preparing meals, taking care of the kids, and cleaning should not be seen as feminist roles, but men should take part too.
At the same time, Judy wanted to present a new idea during the female feminist movement to enhance the significant aspect of dealing with the issues of the feminist movement. This analysis aimed to change men’s perspective towards women and consider them essential in society but not lesser humans. Women should find a way of getting rid of selfish expectations from their husbands by enhancing equality for all (Brady para. 2). This includes taking part in family matters by joining hands as a family to assist each other in every role to break the bondage of the role played by women and men. Although women should be devoted to their wives, men should also consider their weaknesses and strength to step in whenever needed. This includes avoiding setting high expectations towards the wives and taking a role in taking care of the kids cooking, cleaning, keeping track of all appointments, among other family duties that both couples should participate in.
I want a wife by Judy surface is a critical essay. It targeted everyone without a specific audience, as anyone can read the words in this essay, although it is directed to the feminist of the 1970s. This play is essential to all men in the fight against gender equality and breaking the bond of culture that disrespects women and setting aside some rules that Man should follow. Similarly, I tend to choose this essay as the best since it is clear, appeals to the audience as it relates to my coursework, having a critical analysis based on the experience that women are going through in marriage (Trimble). At the same time, Brady stands for equality and protection of women’s rights, considering that they are not servants but should be considered equal like men and need to be loved.
In the essay I Want a Wife, Judy Syfers Brady emphasized the importance of education equality and giving women the same opportunities as men to make their own money enjoy life as well, and the freedom of marriage. Because I want a wife who will not bother me about my duties and studies, Judy tries to emphasize the importance of education and learning what is expected in marriages. Judy wanted to break the bondage of marriage slavery and celebrate her 50th anniversary in peace when women’s rights were considered. The primary purpose was to overcome the selfish ideas of the husband and break the traditional expectation of wife duties, to break the bond of culture that puts women in challenging situations where they are considered a lesser human than men. To be realistic, women need to roar out this issue and present their issues on the table to be treated equally as men, although they should respect their husbands. For once, the issue of housewives should come to an end where women will be respected and allowed to prosper in life just as men.

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