1.0 Introduction

Walmart Inc. is an online business that offers sale of assorted merchandise and service at low price. The company operates in three major segments which include Walmart US, International and Sam’s Club. The company has put on some key distinct sustainability programs aimed at enhancing the corporate image in the long term. As the Human resource development consultant, I am mandated to formulate the leadership or management development intervention which focuses on sustainability practices in the company.  Furthermore, in the development of the intervention, the stages of the HRD process will be analyzed justifying how each stage should be developed or implemented in line with the organizational sustainable goals or strategies. Additionally, cost the proposal and justification for the resources required to accomplish the sustainable goals or policies within Walmart Inc. Lastly, reflect on the key skills and roles required by the HRD practitioner in realization of this intervention in Walmart Inc. and their implication to the CPD.

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