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Most people never take time to sit and contemplate the question, “what do I want to be in years to come and what are the goals I plan to achieve.” Many are times that people regret the type of life they lead and are willing to give up everything to go back some years and start afresh. This is because they failed to make take one small step of reviewing what they hoped for in their future lives. People live and work hard to achieve their dreams. Also, dreams may defer from one individual to another. Some people dream of being rich whereas some just prefer living a humble simple life. Like any other genius, mind, I dream of being the greatest businessman in the country.
My Ideal Future
In my ideal type of job, I wish to become one of the most prosperous businessmen in the country. Even though most people study to get employment, on my part I wish to start my own business and grow my industry. Moreover, in my own business, I would eventually use my hard work to reward myself. Therefore it will mean that the more I work the more I grow. Also, I deem starting my business as the first step to my secure employment. In my own business, I get to be the boss and it, therefore, means no frustration and also no one to fire me. My own business would also help me to get exposure and experience all aspects of working. Because I’ll be the boss, I’ll be able to know the feeling of being able to deliver.
In my ideal future, I wish to have no payment issues. Avoiding issues like, “we are experiencing late payment.” Would prove to be the most ideal future for me. This is because in my own business I will be able to calculate the amount of profit that I’m able to make at the end of every month and pay myself.
Identifying my goals
Identifying goals requires a clear focus of one’s vision toward his mission. Because there is no clear guarantee that your business will flourish instantly or continuously. It is therefore important to identify your goals in your business. Because of this, in my business, my top most important goal will be Survival. Survival is the most important thing for a business. This is because there may come a time when the business only incurs a loss. In these scenarios, the ability of a business to stand determines the amount of time that a business can last. The ability to survive will not only be my business strategy, but also my life strategy.
Another goal that I would ensure goes hand in hand with my business will be the ability to invest in my future. It is said that one has to use the money to make money. This might not be the case in my business. Extravagance will be avoided as much as possible in my business. Moreover, purchasing not compulsory items like business cards, business vacations, and huge offices will be avoided. Since these items only add little income to the company. Therefore, I will opt for redirecting this cash for plans. This goal will also be used as a guideline for controlling my type of life and my expenditures.

Evaluating my Motives and Identifying Obstacles
The biggest motive I would like to achieve in my life is opening a business. Opening a business comes with big challenges. The first thing to consider is opening a business is the location and the targeted customers. Without these, the business faces the challenge of capsizing which also may mean losing your lifetime investments. Moreover, lack of finance may also lead me to take loans to attain location and pay workers. Therefore, I must assess the strategy of the business, risks, and profits it can deliver.
Also I would like to exercise is the ability to be my boss. Being my boss means not answering to anyone. Even though this may seem like a good motive, it is also the major lever towards failure. At the business, the boss also answers to the customers and is supposed to meet the customers’ demands. It is therefore only reasonable that I observe flexibility as without that I’m prone to operating a capsizing business.
In a nutshell, life is a project. One is obliged to plan well to succeed in life as a lack of proper planning may lead you to misery and regrets. Also, different people have their different perspective of what a good life entails. However, this can only be achieved through proper planning and setting up goals and strategies. Also, the setting up of goals does not necessarily mean success. Because these goals will encounter challenges

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