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Favorite Meal Essay
My encounter with my favorite foods dates back five years ago when I attended a birthday party of my friend living in the neighborhood. My sister accompanied me to the vent, which began at 6 pm and ended at midnight. As the event proceeded, a lady brought a bowl full of Pizzas and another of mixed sushi. Before that very day, I had never eaten either Pizza or Sushi. At first, I would imagine I would not enjoy the delicacies. Therefore, I was reluctant to take them instead asked the lady if she could give me some drinks. However, my sister pleaded with me to give them a try. I hesitantly grabbed a piece of pizza and took a bite, and surprisingly, the food was tasty, and the whole piece made my sister laugh. My sister further encouraged me to taste sushi. The dish was equally delicious, and I could not help myself take a lot of it. The party went on, and I kept asking the servers if they still had more of the dishes, and luckily I got more. I left the party and could not stop reminding my sister how I enjoyed the party and meals. My sister asked me if we could try and make some for ourselves back at home, and I could not hesitate to try it the following day. We planned to prepare both sushi and Pizza for lunch. Therefore, I hurriedly put together the ingredients, preparing the two. However, as we prepared the first ones, I took a bite of them. We had Googled a recipe for preparing both the Sushi and Pizza, and the result was amazing. Since that day, I have considered Pizza and sushi my favorite meal.
I have made it a habit to prepare Pizza on my own at home, and currently, I have mastered its recipe. I bought a deep pain to make Pizzas that would not allow the delicacy to spill into the fire. I also buy cream and tomato paste and mix them to form a paste. Next, I add some seasoning to the paste and place it in the microwave to warm the mixture. I then stir the paste, smear it on Pizza, and add toppings and cheese. I then rewarm the mixture to get ready Pizza. However, for sushi, I buy the dish in a local store. Though they are not cheap, my experience with the delicacy and Pizza makes me not mind the price, thus buying enough for both my sister and me. Currently, I consider Sushi and Pizza as my favorite meal. I have made it a habit to take the meal thrice a week, and I would attribute this to the first and subsequent experiences I had while I took it. I take various good meals, but my favorite one is Sushi and Pizza.
Since the meal became my favorite, I decided to research its health benefits. Sushi, which forms part of my favorite meal, has various health benefits like the prevention of hypothyroidism, cancer prevention, slowing of the aging process, boosting the immune system, and prevention of cancer. The benefits of sushi are attributable to its high content of proteins, iron, and healthy omega-three fatty acids and iron. Therefore, apart from personally taking the meal as my favorite, I also encourage my friends to do so due to its deliciousness and health benefits.

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