Mass media is a crucial filter where people learn more about each other since it has a massive reach and influence in society. Strategies should be used to ensure favorable characterizations in TV and films among different racial groups (Bennett, 2016). Mass media distorts characteristics and pictures audiences see on other groups since it plays a vital role in intergroup attitudes and shaping of collective identities (Spoonley, 2019).
Multiple strategies can be used to achieve the solution of favorable characterizations in televisions of misrepresented and also underrepresented people. I think the characters of under and misrepresented people should break the stereotype by not having to be the character in a stereotyped film. The characters should focus on story, truth, power, and realness and should not be relating to any stereotype and should be well understood by the audience. Usage of the race to portray stereotypes should never be used. A Stereotype is an awful way to describe someone since most of those representations and ideas are always untrue and false (Bennett, 2016). I feel switching things up and using different races to play essential roles in televisions and films would ensure a favorable characterization. For under misrepresented people, their characters should speak for them and represent them where they want to be represented.
To bring warmth to an ingroup, they must feel as if they can understand, emphasize, and relate the character in television and the dynamic of that character’s life (Bennett, 2016). Furthermore, their stories should not be depicted on the negative side but should be based on truth and beauty for favorable characterization. Another strategy is to have famous Latino and Black Americans celebrities invited in a talk show to talk about their underrepresented stories. There should also be creation of many TV shows that help in creating positive images of underrepresented to aid in the transformation of the negative underrepresentation to ensure favorable characterization in the TV and films.

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