Project Description:

In this project, you will create and modify a PivotTable report and a PivotChart report in order to analyze revenue from the city youth programs.

Steps to Perform:

StepInstructionsPoints Possible
1Start Excel. Open, save, the downloaded Excel workbook named Student_Excel_4E_Youth_Programs_as.xlsx.0
2Click cell A2. Insert the Recommended PivotTable, Sum of Amount by Location. Rearrange the fields so that Location is the first field in the Rows area, and Month is the second field. Place the Program field in the Columns area. Close the PivotTable Fields pane.12
3Insert two slicers, one for the Location field and one for the Program field.10
4Using the Location and Program slicers, filter the data to show the total revenue for pre-school in Grove Beach Recreation Center. Move the Program slicer so that the top left corner is positioned in cell E3. Move the Location slicer so that it is positioned below the Program slicer in column E.16
5Modify the value field settings in the PivotTable so that values are formatted as numbers with zero decimal places and a 1000 separator.10
6Make a copy of the Sheet1 worksheet. Rename the copied worksheet Grove 1Q Pre-School. Rename the Sheet1 worksheet 1Q Revenue.6
7On the 1Q Revenue worksheet, clear all filters and remove the slicers. In cell A1, type First Quarter Youth Program Revenue.6
8Display the Field List, and then remove the Month field from the Rows area to display only the Grand Totals for each item. Close the PivotTable Fields pane.10
9From the 1Q Revenue worksheet, insert a PivotChart using the stacked bar chart type. Verify that the Programs display in the legend, and if they do not, use the Switch Row/Column command to place the Programs in the legend. Move the chart to a new sheet and rename the sheet to 1Q Youth Programs Chart.15
10Change the layout of the PivotChart to Layout 3 and change the chart style to Style 2. Change the chart title to 1st Quarter Youth Programs Revenue.10
11Hide the Youth Programs worksheet.5
12Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook: Grove 1Q Pre-School, 1Q Youth Programs Chart, 1Q Revenue. Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.0
Total Points100
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