ETHLend is a Crypto-based rostrum that lends Ethereum using contract floors using the decentralised system. This lending rostrum is founded on cutting edge Ethereum blockchain design. By allowing both parties to iron out the details of the loan among themselves, ETHLend eliminates middlemen. The result is that both parties create individualised credit contracts on the agreed conditions.
ETHLend makes use of ERC-20 as surety for the transaction using Etherium. At the moment loanees are limited to setting up ETHLend contracts. For a credit contract to be set up, the loanees provide details of the interest, the desired principle, in this case, tokens and any other relevant credit details. If the terms are agreed upon by the granter, a loan contract can now be created. ETHLend has protected the granters’ interests by ensuring that the granter will collect the loan guarantee given in case they do not pay. This amount is more than they would have paid. This is an ingenious way of keeping scammers who have no intention of paying away.
ETHLend has provided a solution to a problem millions of digital asset users and traders coin trading community. From time to time these individuals need credit from credible moneylenders at reasonable interest rates and a convenient juncture. The decentralization of ETHLend eliminates the instances of mistrust since loanees are assured of the safety of their loan guarantee. It is normally stored safely in a smart contract. Besides, ETHLend is widely accessible making it possible for users to negotiate credit from any location across the world. This is in stark contrast to centralize or the normal channels of applying for loans where the moneylender and the loanee have to meet for the loan approval. More so over the ETHLend platform, the loan is disbursed immediately due to blockchain technology. Another difference is that interest rates are not subject to the usual market forces this case, the interest terms are mutually agreed upon by the lender and the loanee.
ETHLend acknowledges it’s not the only lending platform and as such, it wishes to differentiate itself from other lower-ranking competitors. Prospects in the future include bringing on board Bitcoin utilizing dApps, penalties and surcharges for delayed credit repayments to prevent the possibility of Lend tokens being burnt. Additionally, defaulters could be temporarily banned from accessing credit immediately. Furthermore, the idea off lending all ERC-20 tokens has been mooted and this would be a certain game-changer. It would ensure ETHLend thrives besides being a first in the age of decentralised smart contracts.
.What are ETHLend goals going into the future.
.ETHLend has set its sight on its ambitious project of delivering Decentralized Lending Pools (DLPs). DLPS is open sources protocols where an individual can establish his lending pool. This is to say an individual can establish their pool with their personalized terms like interest to be charged, desired collateral and the loan to value of the loan security ratio. ETHLend intends to add a DAO governance layer above these private pools. By doing so, the providers of liquidity or members of that pool can have voting privileges for governing themselves. ETHLend will launch its pools in and that would immediately alter the current markets that are based on the order. Any individual that deposits their tokens in these lending pools accrues passive interest. They can also withdraw their funds at will whenever needed. Borrowers benefit from DLP by accessing credit at fixed rates for one calendar year initially. By so doing, ETHLend provides certainty and predictability to the cost of capital it is availing to market. This is attractive to institutional borrowers particular those who are intending to hedge themselves. ETHLend should be introducing the test face of the DLPs shortly. This is intended to allow members to create and test the DLP as they interact with the system. Most importantly, they will start mobilizing liquidity. Eventually, ETHLend will release its DLP on its smartphone platform Aave. The uniqueness of this app is that it will allow other users to create their custom DLps too.
Price prediction
As at 10th October 2019, the value of LEND is $0.004878. the ETHLend price prediction algorithm is calculating that within one day LEND price shed -2.5% approaching $0.004756, in 7 days it will gain +1.6% settling at $0.004956, over a month, it will shed -49% targeting $0.002488 and the next quarter it will shed -100% on the move to $0. ETHLend price prediction indicates ETHLend will drop off in cost
Why is ETHLend projected to grow in the future?
The opportunity presented in cryptocurrency lending is immense going into the future. This community project is already a trail blazer. Users are currently lending ETH among themselves over the platform easily and faster. This is most important especially when there is the necessity to defer tax. Additionally, the ease of getting a loan in cryptocurrency eliminates the stumbling blocks created by the use of local currencies. The ETHLend price prediction algorithm is cognizant of some events on the horizon that could lead to a price bump for investors in the future. Therefore in the short term, ETHLend forecast is showing a lot of promise and over the next few months going forward, investors can expect significant gains going forward, but there is also a risk attached to it, we reiterate this. The developers also need to support the coin more
How high can LEND price go?
By making a comparison of previous events on the price chart of LEND, we can be able to observe how the token reacts to different events. For buys that are for short term gains, this data is important in that they assist one determine appropriate buying points. Simply said these events can help an investor make a small return. In the long term, however, much more is needed. Lending in cryptocurrency is nowhere near its saturation point, the efforts of LEND are a drop in the ocean. ETHLend is best held into the future as the market matures and develops. For long term buyers, from the charts, it is evident that the token has taken a huge tumble. This has been the case for all other tokens in the market. Based on previous data, the supply of lend is nearly saturated and the odds of the token going for a dollar are pretty dim. Conservative estimates, however, have it that as the platform continues to benefit from more and more acceptance, the value will appreciate. For those investors who are patient, LEND presents an opportunity to reap big in future.
What could go wrong with ETHLend?
The reality out there is that lend is not the only token in the lending platform. It doesn’t enjoy exclusivity or monopoly. Secondly, the platform was touted as a decentralized platform but its members in the US have been denied access to its services. No explanation has been forthcoming from the development team, especially since the US market was its largest fan base. This may signal the death sentence for this platform. This action has sent mixed signals to the market that the platform may not be as secure as initially thought. With a hoard of other lending application jostling for position in the market, this move will greatly dent the ETHLend prediction going into the future.
Could LEND will be abandoned?
This is a community project, and it is possible that it could be abandoned if the community disapproves too much of their actions. Currently, the trading volume is steady, and that’s a good sign. Declining trading volume is often a sign of a dying coin, but it seems things are still good here. It looks like ETHLend is safe for now, but be careful.
Being a community project, ETHLend could be abandoned if the community is not in agreement with the developing team’s actions. At the moment, the trading volume is holding steady and that is normally a good indication of investor confidence. A dead coin is often indicated by a decline in the average volumes being traded. Looking at ETHLend, it is safe for now, but investors are advised to exercise caution at all times.
Platforms like ETHLend allow members of the community a fair chance to access collateral-based lending irrespective of the borrower’s credit history. The platform is more likely to facilitate credit at reduced fees because no middlemen or facilitators are involved to milk a commission. Lenders too can lend their excess liquidity at an above-average interest rate without worrying in case of a default. The loan is well secured.
ETHLend is a decentralised lending system and in future, more and more platforms will be developed. This lending system will compete with traditional banks especially for individuals with passive income streams. ETHLend is not alone, there are competitors too. However, the decentralised nature of these digital lending platforms presents an opportunity to attract more cryptocurrency enthusiasts and students. Your ETHLend investment could be a coin well spent when the cryptocurrency loan gains wide adoption.

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