Ethan Krauss
Ethan is an investor in zero-emission carbon technology. He has patented an ion-propelled aircraft that flies silently and with no emissions. Ethan says this is the future aircraft. An airplane that has zero emissions makes no noise. This is the future of the air industry, with planes flying on zero carbo engines. Ethan ion propelled aircraft works by discharging electrical current between two electrodes of different sizes. The wind is created between the electrodes and, with enough voltage, can generate enough thrust to power aircraft without the need for fuel.
The theory of ion-propelled aircraft has been around since the sixties. However, Ethan has been invested in the concept over the years. He has recently found the breakthrough and foresees this technology completely revolutionizing the airline industry and significantly contributes to combating climate change by producing aircraft with zero carbon emissions. However, currently, technology is only helpful in making kids’ toys (C, 2018). Moreover, it still requires significant investment to make the technology a reality. However, the concept is firm and will undoubtedly transform the airline industry.
Ethan has been working on this concept for over 18n years. He says that he ordered hovercraft and hand gliders from famous magazines when he was still growing up. He then designed vehicles, and when he reached his early twenties, he was able to build a solar-powered vehicle. Ethan is committed to a clean energy world. His ideas are very important and will contribute much towards the desire to move towards a zero-carbon emission world.

However, Ethan is not the first to try this concept of ion-propelled aircraft. Enthusiasts have been building lightweight aircraft which can fly but fail to stay much on air due to their power propulsion problems. However, Ethan’s concept is far more successful as the ion-propelled aircraft uses electrodes to generate wind with an adequate thrust to power an aircraft and maintain it in the air for a very long time (C, 2018). It is a working concept and will turn into reality in the future. Ethan says that the idea of ion-propelled aircraft currently sounds like fiction, but he says that this thing is real and potential to revolutionize the air industry.
Ethan’s patent is specific. It indicates that it is an ion-powered vehicles with its own power supply. Ethan was assisted through the Ohio Patent Pro bono program, where a group of volunteer attorneys and Case western reserve university collaborated to help inventors, startups, and companies secure their intellectual property rights and patents. Ethan currently has a working prototype of the ion-powered vehicle and is planning to invest in the project and make it a reality in the coming years. He is fully dedicated to the project and very optimistic about its potential.
Ethan has been working with Brian and Rich, who are attorneys from the Ohio Patent Pro bono program to make file patent applications for his ion-powered vehicle concept. The attorneys also helped Ethan establish a formal company Electron Air LLC and started looking for potential investors for his ion-powered vehicle concept. Ethan was born in Ohio and schooled in Ohio. He studied electrical engineering in college. However, he did not pursue his career built; instead chose to focus on his project of inventing an ion-powered vehicle. He is also a music teacher at Strongsville Academy, which helps him to sustain his life.

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