Giving back to society is one experience anyone would love to achieve, especially when the community is one that you lived in through your childhood. Thanks for providing holiday in America is an important holiday dating back to the 15th century. The majority of Americans use the holiday to appreciate the protection of God, and most do so through doing charity.
During the thanksgiving celebration of 2016, I was privileged to offer my services to a less fortunate community living in Newark, New Jersey. The community hosts elderly males and females, most of who are unable to do most of the basic stuff like cleaning, eating, or walking by themselves. We had planned to visit the home together with a few of my friends who were okay with the idea of volunteering our services.
We drafted a small budget to buy stuff that we would take to the home, and I got chosen to help in the funds drive. I understood getting the money would be difficult, but we had to strategize on how to raise the cash. First, with the help of my friend Joan, we baked cupcakes that got sold for two Sundays in our local church and school. Every member of the team from their funds contributed $30 each towards the course. In the end, we were able to raise $550, which were used to buy winter materials like caps, scarfs, gloves, and blanket. On the day of the visit, we also prepared hot meals for the members of the community.
The experience of organizing such an event was amazing as I felt happy getting to spend time with the members of the community who were very happy to have us. The stories we shared encouraged us to make the event more often and visit the place, not particularly on Thanksgiving Day only.

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