1. 1. Explain the way in which of the following factors may inhibit entrepreneurial
    i. Religion – Religious beliefs may hinder entrepreneurial opportunities for
    instance; Christian churches disregard alcohol taking as a sin, in this they may
    oppose opening of night clubs. On the other hand, Muslim religion may
    hinder opening of pork serving hotels or butcheries. The beliefs drive away
    those who identify themselves with the various faith and that’s a threat to
    success of such business.
    ii. Language – Communication is a very important tool in business, its only
    through communication that a customer and a seller may agree on terms and
    solve their problems turned needs. Having a language barrier between the
    parties creates more problem to achieving the solution and this may hinder
    further carrying out of any transactions.
    2. Explain the reasons that makes each of the following characteristics important to an
    i. Visionary – The ability of an entrepreneur to propagate the path likely to be
    taken by a business is a vital character since it lies as a future opportunity to
    utilize and make profit. Most entrepreneurs are expected to be visionary and
    predict the future wishes and demands of population and utilize the available
    resources and make that future attainable, through this they are likely to
    reap big on sell out of their vision.
    ii. Internal locus of control – This is a characteristic of an entrepreneur owning
    their business undertakings In all manner, from the ventures the business
    decides to the losses it might incur through mistakes. An entrepreneur
    understanding this, places the business in a better position to deliver
    efficiently and in an organized manner.
    iii. Goal orientation – As an entrepreneur, one should possess the aim of the
    business in their fingertips, the business is expected to have a clear plan
    outlining its objectives and vision, through this the business stipulates its
    activities within a time frame that acts as a guide to achieving its goals. The
    goals become the driving force for the success of the business. With this the
    entrepreneur becomes automatically a leader and they are obliged with the
    duty of driving the business to the next step in terms of success.
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