Engineering Essay
It amazes me how human beings have evolved over time. My career goal is to be a mechanical engineer since I want to help improve the lives of people using mechanics. My first-choice major is mechanical engineering since it will equip me with the necessary skill needed to analyze, synthesize, design and develop engineering systems. This major will ensure that I have improved on my ability to communicate and have enhanced both appreciation and understanding for different areas of human intellectual achievements. With this major, I will have the scientific and professional education which will allow me to be a successful mechanical engineer. Therefore, I will be able to do various things including remaining current with contemporary societal and scientific issues and as a consequence improve my mechanical engineering skills through continuous learning. Additionally, I will be able to play a role as a team member or a team leader where I will apply different ethical standards like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ethical codes in and out of the traditional Mechanical Engineering disciplines. With this major, I will be able to participate in professional environments in academia, government and industry applying and contributing to engineering as a science of knowledge. The mechanical engineering curriculum has within it the foundation of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Academic qualifications obtained through the major will allow me identify, develop and solve complex engineering problems through application of mathematics, science and engineering principles. I also hope to be skilled in effective communication and have the ability to conduct and develop the right experimentation, analysis and interpretation of data, and utilize judgments in engineering to arrive at workable conclusions. I hope to have the ability to recognize both professional and ethical responsibilities in different engineering situations and make informed decisions, which consider the effects of mechanical engineering solutions in societal, environmental, economic and global contexts. A major in mechanical engineering will ensure I have the ability to effectively function in a team which focuses on developing both an inclusive and collaborative environment, establish goals, plan tasks and meet deadlines.
I have been influenced by the need to improve energy efficiency since it is a problem which has challenged many people over the years. There are various ways of conserving energy but my major interest is designing net-zero and sustainable buildings which are buildings which use approximately similar amounts of energy each year as the amount of renewable energy generated on the same buildings. Ultimately, my career goal is to reduce the consumption of energy and ensure that the natural environment is preserved. I am fascinated by wind, hydropower, geothermal and solar energy, and therefore I plan to find ways of improving on these amazing inventions. My career goal is to be mechanical engineer in the energy efficiency sector and I will be responsible for offering technical support and expertise in the design of energy conservation initiatives linked with energy distribution systems for industrial, commercial and residential clients. I want to be able to identify means of increasing the efficiency of my employer’s or client’s energy systems. I also hope to conduct energy audits where I analyze, model, survey and inspect the primary energy flows which include thermal, electrical and mechanical in existing industrial, commercial and residential buildings with the sole purpose of discovering opportunities to lower the use of energy and improve the efficiency of energy. As a mechanical engineer focusing of energy efficiency, I hope to be called upon whenever a building or home is being constructed so that I can perform audits on the various components of the structure which consume energy like lighting systems, air conditioning, ventilation and heating. I also seek to be responsible for assisting companies come up with goals of using energy, and mentoring, monitoring and guiding their energy teams ensure the goals are achieved. I also wish to be responsible for undertaking project performance verification, scope and bid development and also cost benefit analysis. Ultimately, I wish to manage various coordination and technical aspects of the project team, undertake inspection of buildings to identify energy conservation measures in industrial, institutional and commercial facilities, and perform a thorough analysis including post retrofit analysis, end-use analysis and baseline models. I also hope to create reports to submit to the management in regards to recommendation of actions aimed towards saving energy. When I am established in the career, I hope to develop estimates aimed at saving costs especially in initiatives aimed at saving energy, train junior engineers to perform surveys in any site and do calculations to cut costs. Lastly, I hope to be skilled in development of complex energy models using specialized software.

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